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      The Sovereignty Set

      What you've shared with us
      • "Beyond words, I am experiencing the 2021 essences as invaluable, deeply meaningful and multifaceted." P.L., VA

      The Sovereignty Set

      Personal Sovereignty in a Sea of Divinity

      This set includes:
      Tune Up / Disrupt, Derail & Dismantle Negativity / Gatekeeper / Calm, Cool & Collected / Restore Divine Order / Safe Passage

      The focus of this set is on the inalienable right of all of us to the sovereignty of our own energy systems and the blossoming of our true self. This mean clear energy fields. This mean unassailable energetic boundaries. This means clarity about our Divine identity. This means truth time.

      It could seem paradoxical that as humankind awakens into a greater understanding of our interconnectedness and Divine oneness, the focus of these mixes is on sovereignty. In considering this, I think of my relationship with the Angels and Elementals. We communicate in many ways. I hear them. I see them moving about the gardens and in the skies over the farm. They create synchronicities and wondrous moments in the gardens with the Flowers, the weather, the animals, birds and insects. I feel their love in so many ways, but I have never felt violated by them. They never violate the boundaries of my energy system. If I want their help or their counsel, I must invite them to help. No matter how seamless our work together, I have never felt crowded. Even in our closest of interactions, I am aware they respect me as a unique being and respect my energy system boundaries completely. This is the template they share with us in these mixes. Personal sovereignty in an ocean of Divinity.

      In this time when there is so much disrespect about each individual’s sovereign rights, they set the bar and make me know it can and will be done. We will come into unity consciousness with a consciousness of complete respect for each other. And we have teachers including the Angels and Elementals and tools like Flower Essences happy to show us the way.

      As you read about these six Flower Essence mixes, you may notice that some Flowers are present in more than one of the mixes and described as bringing different strengths and purposes to different mixes. The Angels explain that this set is a musical piece or fugue in which individual Flowers are introduced and then taken up into other parts of the musical piece. In each mix they are used differently in order to build on the healing vibration of the whole musical composition of six mixes. These mixes demonstrate the immense and varied gifts within every Flower Essence and the sublime healing they offer when they sing together for us.

      You may want to work with only a couple of these mixes much as you might be called to listen to one part of a musical composition separate from the rest of the piece. Sometimes we need support on one specific aspect of our energy system more than another.

      You may feel called to work with the whole group, and if this is so, you will find the set listed in the Angel sets section of the website. You can work with the set in any order. I go through a sequence of spritzing each one around my head and body. Sometimes I follow the order of how the Angels describe them, but often I do not. Time is only a construct so any order will work in Divine order.

      Set of six 1/2 oz. bottles