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Our Flower Essences harness the unique healing wisdom of Flowers to empower positive change, support well-being, and nourish mind, body & soul. Explore Essences or see a list of All of our Flower Essences!

Who are we? Here at Green Hope Farm, we make Flower Essences. Flower Essences hold the healing wisdom of Flowers. This wisdom is the electrical vibration of the Flower, information that is easy for our electrical systems to read and learn from. Flower Essences offer us and our animals road maps for solving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges and difficulties that we have been unable to solve on our own.

Our Flower Essences are stabilized in a non-alcohol base of Red Shiso, an herb from the mint family. We make our Flower Essences in our organic gardens here at Green Hope Farm where we have been working in partnership with the Angels and Elementals of the Nature Kingdom for close to thirty years. We also offer Flower Essences made during trips to Bermuda, the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the west coast of Ireland, the deserts of the American southwest, the island of St John, USVI, and the Mediterranean islands of Sicily & Santorini.

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