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      Contact Us - Order Green Hope Farm Flower Essences

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      Contact & Order

      Contact & Order

      Green Hope Farm Flower Essences are available by mail order. They are delivered to you with the hope that when they arrive at your house you will feel a wave of LOVE coming to you from all of us at the farm. "Us" includes those with wings, those with feet, and those with petals!

      We can be reached via USPS at:
      PO Box 125
      Meriden, NH  03770

      Contact top left corner

      Options for Placing Your Order:

      • Use our Shopping Cart system. Payment is made with PayPal or credit card. You can create a PayPal account with your credit card. If you prefer not to use PayPal or credit card, we are happy to receive your order via the options below.

      • Email us a list of the Flower Essences and other products you would like to [email protected] When we receive your order, we will confirm your order by email. We will include an invoice in with your order. We ask that you send us a check or money order in the mail or pay us on PayPal when you receive your order.

      • CALL and leave us your order on our answering machine 603-469-3662. We will send your order off to you with an invoice tucked in. We ask that you send us a check or money order in the mail or pay us on pay pal when you receive your order.

      • MAIL us a list of Flower Essences or other products you would like to receive to Green Hope Farm LLC, PO Box 125, Meriden, NH 03770 and we will send you your order with an invoice that you can pay by check, money order or on pay pal when you receive your order.

      • If you are a WHOLESALE customer please email or call our office as the shopping cart system does not provide wholesale pricing.

      • For INTERNATIONAL orders- Option #1- You email our office with your order. We we will sort out the best shipping option for your order. We charge the exact postage costs but this varies from country to country. Then we will send your order and bill you on PayPal. All international orders are billed via PayPal. Option #2- If you order online, the automatic shipping charge on the online system will not charge the correct shipping, so we will bill you on PayPal for the additional shipping due.

      • If you do not find the Flower Essence you seek on the main line up of Flower Essences, we may well have it. To check out the additional inventory available from our Additional Flower Essence list, click here!Any questions about availability or anything else, please email us at [email protected]
      Thank you!

      Need help choosing Flower Essences?

      PLEASE email us with any questions and concerns! We are on email Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 4 pm!

      Quality, guaranteed:

      Contact main bottom

      From seed to blossom to bottle, our Flower Essences are made with much love and care. We do everything we can to ensure the Flower Essences you receive are full of vibrant electrical information.

      "As I opened this latest batch of Essences, I could immediately feel the strong vibrational healing energy contained within. You see I am a new user to Flower Essences and their healing qualities (a bit of a doubting Thomas if you know what I mean) so having this experience opening the package is truly a symbol that I feel deeply in my heart that these are the next Essences to help guide me on my path to greater health and balance within." J.L., Worcester, MA

      Connecting with the Farm:

      The Angels keep the gardens closed to visitors and sometimes ask the staff to stay out of the gardens as well. This helps the Angels create the highest vibrations Flower Essences possible. If the Angels ever shift gears and open the gardens we will let you know! Our first season when the gardens were open was a wonderful adventure of meeting many of you face to face. Since then we have made marvelous friends with many of you via email, phone and letter!

      We love sharing photos of the gardens with you on our website. It fascinates us what Flower friends you particularly like! And, we'd love for you to become a part of our story! Please share your story about how Flower Essences have impacted your life! Send us your Story.

      Contact & Order

      Flower Essence Ingredients

      Contact product info

      Our Essences contain Flower Essences, organic Red Shiso, white vinegar, and water. Our products contain no plant materials.

      Learn more about how we make our Essences

      Our Essences come in cobalt blue glass dropper bottles. The 1/2-oz. size bottles are packaged in Green Hope Farm bottle boxes of various colors.

      Green Hope Farm Flower Essences all come in two sizes:

      * 1/2 fl. oz. bottle: contains approximately 300 drops

      * 2 fl. oz. bottle: contains approximately 1200 drops


      Our Essences are priced based on bottle size and whether they are a single flower or a combination. All orders will also include a shipping charge.

      Contact by prices
      Single Flower Essences (made up of only one flower's essence)
      • 1/2 oz. bottle $9.50     2 oz. bottle $32.00
      Combination Flower Essences (a pre-determined blend).
      • 1/2 oz. bottle $11.35     2 oz bottle $36.00
      Custom Flower Essence Mixes:
      • $65.00 (only available in the 2-oz. size)

      Ordering a Custom Mix:

      Contact custom mix

      You may want to create a custom mix of Flower Essences for yourself or a beloved in your life. We are happy to make a custom mix of up to 12 Flower Essences of your choice to put in a 2 ounce bottle for the cost of $65.00. If you would like to consult with us about what should go in a specific custom mix, we would be happy to support you in this process and will do our best to work with your Angels and our Angels to receive guidance about what Flower Essences would best serve you at this time.

      Contact us about creating your own custom mix

      Also, look at other products HERE!

      Contact & Order

      We Ship Orders to All Corners of the Earth!

      No matter where you live, we can deliver Green Hope Farm Flower Essences to you!

      How We Ship:


      We ship your orders by US Mail.

      • • If you prefer UPS, we can ship by UPS.
      • • If you need Express Mail, UPS Next Day Air or UPS Second Day Air, we will charge you the exact cost of the shipping.
      Order SizeShipping & Handling Cost
      Up to $20$6.95
      $21 - $40$7.95
      $41 - $60$8.95
      $61 - $80$9.95
      $81 - $100$10.95
      $101 - $40010% of order total
      $400+Exact Cost of Shipping

      Don't hesitate to call us to discuss the best shipping option for your order: 603.469.3662

      When Will My Order Ship?

      We make every effort to get orders out to you the same day we receive your call or email, but orders received late in the afternoon may be sent out the following day. Orders placed late Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening will be sent on Monday.

      Our Payment System Based on Trust:


      After you place your order, we will send your Flower Essences to you with an invoice for the amount due enclosed in the box containing your Flower Essences.

      We put this invoice on the top of your order, so it should be the first thing you see when you open the box.

      We ask you to please pay us when you receive your Flower Essences. Please send a check or money order made out to Green Hope Farm LLC.

      We have had this honor system since our very first day and it has helped us build incredible friendships with all of you. We truly have wonderful customers who pay their Green Hope Farm bills with great integrity and reliability. We thank all of you for continuing in this tradition of integrity!

      International Orders:

      We welcome all international orders! Each week we send orders all over the Earth! Whether you live in East Timor or East Anglia, we have found US Global Priority mail to be a reliable, affordable, and efficient was to send your order. We are happy to work out other shipping options with you as well.

      On all international orders, we charge you the exact cost of the shipping method you chose. With so many changes in international banking systems, we have finally moved to a PayPal system to make things easier for our international friends. We will invoice you on PayPal when you order from us and also send you a copy of our invoice by email. If this does not work for you, we're happy to arrange another payment plan with you. Contact us for more information!

      Problem with Your Order?

      If there is something missing from your order or if you received something you did not order, please call or email us! Together we will sort things out and make sure you have what you ordered. Thank you!

      Contact problems with order

      Return Policy


      Please note that due to the vibrational nature of Flower Essences, all sales are final. We appreciate your understanding that we cannot accept returns or give refunds.

      We do not accept returns for credit. Please do not send bottles back to us for credit. We do not reuse any Flower Essences returned to us under any circumstances. We are meticulous about this because we want to safeguard the vibrational purity of our Flower Essences, and we cannot vouch for the vibrational purity of any Flower Essence after it is out of our hands. Our Angel of shipping, Nathan, makes sure that this means the Flower Essences are under Green Hope Farm's vibrational protection until they are actually in your hands. Then the baton passes to you and your divinity!

      "Thank you for the Flower Essence shipment- like love in the mail on a much needed day!" C.C., Scituate, MA

      Contact & Order


      Is a friend getting married or having a baby? Is someone in your life going through a tough time or facing an illness? Is there a new pet in the family? Is someone moving or starting fresh and in need of a little support?

      Essences make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones.

      Ways to Gift Essences:


      Here are a few ways that you can share Essences as gifts:

      • Angel Sets: We suggest starting out with one of our new Angel Sets!
      • • Our Rose Trios make excellent gifts!
      • • We also think that our family cookbook, The Things We Cook, makes a pretty special gift! Molly shares her family's secret recipes and it's beautifully hand-illustrated by former staffer Alli Howe.
      • Lizzie's book, "The Trail," and her set of Camino Essences are designed to take the reader through a journey of discovery and self-awareness. A good gift for a recent grad, perhaps?
      • A Custom Mix: You can mix and match up to 12 Essences in a 2 oz. bottle. We'll create a custom handwritten label on the bottle.
      • • We encourage you to explore our products in the Flower Essence Finder!

      We also offer gift certificates: Email us for more information or to purchase a gift certificate. Gift certificates can be sent to you or to the recipient.

      Shipping Gifts:


      We will invoice you the order and can ship the gifts directly to the recipient. We'll also work with you to include a personalized message in the package, and can wrap the gifts with ribbon as well.

      We are always happy to help you choose a set of Essences for a gift.

      Contact & Order

      Wholesale Accounts

      We welcome wholesale arrangements with health care practitioners, veterinary practitioners, distributors, and retail stores. Call, email or write us for more information about our terms.

      Green Hope Farm is organized to fill any size order, however we do not do private labeling and ask that you do not re-label our Flower Essences with your own label. The Angels and Elementals of Green Hope Farm are responsible for the healing strength of our Flower Essences, and we like that our labels give full credit for their work.