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      Custom Flower Essence Mixes

      What you've shared with us
      • "I was chatting with a friend of mine about how I feel more relaxed and less anxious about everything. And then I thought, wow, I am sure the flower essences have really helped to make that change... It was quite eye opening." S.S. Tampa, FL
      • "Words cannot express my gratitude for your quick and thoughtful help during my daughter's recent emotional crisis exacerbated by her brain injury. The custom blend you created was effective far beyond my expectations, and my daughter is happy and at peace for the first time in over a year. Needless to say our lives have been changed thanks to you all and the amazing Flower essences."
      • "Since starting this most recent custom mix, my face seems to just glow. My skin looks younger, fresher and more vital than I can remember. I am actually enjoying looking in the mirror at myself for maybe the first time in my life- And for someone who turned 50 earlier this month this is huge. I'm experiencing so many other wonderful benefits from the energy of these essences as well." anonymous
      • "I was finally able to see the situation for what it was and leave it. I feel quite certain that a custom blend from you guys was what helped make that possible - a bazillion thanks for that." anonymous
      • "I've been working with the mix just about every day, putting it in the water bowl for my dog as well. The first thing I felt when I saw your package with the lovely flowers was relief, like an umbrella in a downpour...It's become very clear what's broken and should be fixed immediately, what's junk to be tossed and what's definitely someone else's headache. Overall much improved after only one month. Progress is happening." K.H., RI
      • "Thank you for putting together a special blend for my daughter who was struggling as a single mother, overwhelmed with everything . I have watched her grow, expand and truly shine. I am so grateful for you and all you shared with us." S.B., BC, Canada
      • "I am back to using my lovely custom essences and feeling so much better. Stopped them for a time and suddenly felt compelled to begin again, thank the Angels. I am so happy to be back on my mix." L.N., MD
      • " Thank you so much for my beautiful custom mix. Just holding the bottle when I received it made me feel relaxed." M.G., NH
      • "I receive my custom mix last Thursday and started the drops right away. On Friday I had a major shift in my distress. It's as if the "fever" has broken and been left very weakened but very much on the upswing and healing has begun. I can't tell you how grateful and relieved I am." N.B., RI
      • "Like night and day - I had been away from Green Hope flower power for a spell, and I must say, it is truly astonishing the lifetime's of weight I feel that has been lifted from me in the last few weeks using this most recent custom blend!" E.D., GA
      • "Thank you for your very quick & loving attenion to making a custom mix for me. I've taken it for a couple of days now & definitely feel a lightening, a significant & beneficial change." K.R., Myrtle Beach, SC

      Custom Flower Essence Mixes

      You may want to create a custom mix of Flower Essences for yourself or a beloved in your life. We are happy to make a custom mix of up to 13 Flower Essences of your choice assembled in a 2 ounce bottle for the cost of $65.

      If you would like to consult with us about what should go in a specific custom mix, we would be happy to support you in this process and will do our best to work with your Angels and our Angels to receive guidance about what Flower Essences would best serve you at this time.

      - If you order a custom mix and know what Flower Essences you would like in your mix, at checkout please list in the note box the Flower Essences you have chosen, You can include up to thirteen Flower Essences.
      -If you would like a consult, email us!
      -You can also leave the choice of Flower Essences to us. Please include in the note box at checkout who the Essence is for and what issues you would like addressed.
      - This is an excellent gift to give to yourself or a beloved. With a custom mix, many issues can be addressed and much support offered.