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      Red Shiso

      What you've shared with us
      • Your Red Shiso stabilizer has been very popular with my clients ever since I began to make custom mix essences. It has such a warm, loving energy, and I absolutely love it too! It really taste like Shiso juice loved locally. R.S., Tokyo, Japan
      • "Every day I'm amazed at the difference in the Flowers from brandy to Red Shiso. It feels like taking pure light to me and has turned "taking my Essences . . . I guess I should. . . " into "Out of my way! Is it time for my Essences yet?" A.D., Phoenicia, NY
      • “Your Flower Essences are so beautiful and powerful. The red shiso vinegar is starting to taste like love!” C.N., Belmont, CA
      • “So many clients need essences right now and your Red Shiso stabilizer keeps the frequency better than anything else.” E.D., Albuquerque, NM
      • "I continued to be absolutely mystified by the beauty of your creations with the Angels! I’m reading your magical book, and the Red Shiso component wowed me to my core! Surrender has so many places to lead us." M.S., Boston, MA

      Red Shiso

      Our Red Shiso stabilizer is available in 2 oz. bottles for you to make your own custom mixes or dosage bottles. Because we need to make sure we have enough Red Shiso for our own bottling needs, we limit the amount of Red Shiso you can purchase at one time to seven bottles.