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      The Trail: A True Tale of the Camino, by Elizabeth Sheehan

      What you've shared with us
      • " Please tell Elizabeth how much I loved 'The Trail'. It was so engrossing I had a hard time putting it down at bedtime. When I finished it, I felt bereft. I'm still trying to find another book that sweeps me up as much as Elizabeth's. I hope she will write a sequel." P.B., Manassas, VA
      • "There were so many turns of phrase that I lingered over…deliciously descriptive or deeply poignant. The tale of 'The Trail' carries such raw honesty and depth of character that I was pulled along in (Elizabeth's) wake with increasing intensity to the end of the world" C.B., NH
      • "I was so absorbed in 'The Trail' yesterday that I stumbled out of a cab and dropped it in a puddle (it cleans up well) then, meaning to close my door I accidentally opened the driver's…startling the poor man (he almost asked for a copy, I could tell!). I'm loving this interesting, funny, entertaining book! J.J., NYC
      • "Wow, what a journey. I am in awe of (Elizabeth's) strength, courage, insight and commitment to (her) vision and dreams. Refreshingly honest…just beautifully written." C.B-D, Chatham, NY
      • "I was so sad when it was over because I just wanted to keep reading the beautiful stories. The Trail has the gift of capturing feelings in words." J.K., CO
      • "I just finished Elizabeth's powerful account of her life on the Camino. I am happy in my heart from taking the time to engage with her experiences. I really feel filled with prayers towards all those young pilgrims whom she describes so deeply through her own lens. There is a lot of compassion in the telling of this journey that carried transformational truth. " S.P., MA
      • "I savored every step of it. Her descriptions are so clear and original that I felt I was really there." E.B., TN
      • "Amazing…purely amazing. She's so strong, tender, wise and yes, very funny at times! I just finished reading (and totally relishing!) 'The Trail'. I am a little bit sad because it's over, but that means I am going to read it all again. We are all travelers together, and your book- and Camino(s)- will be something that has enriched me forever." B.C., VA
      • "Thank you so much for getting all of the Camino Trail Gift packages (of the book and three Camino Essences) processed and delivered for me. I already got a call from (one recipient) who was in tears of gratitude to receive hers." M.C., Baltimore, MD
      • "I've finished 'The Trail'. Wow! I could hardly put it down as I neared the end. What a gift." P.S., CA
      • "I've absolutely LOVED reading The Trail! I only have a few pages left and I'm savoring every moment"... R.S., NY
      • "I would love to share my highest appreciation for Elizabeth’s masterpiece, “The Trail.” I read it a couple of years ago, one chapter per evening before bed, and was and am so impressed with her articulation of very complex feelings (and I remember having similar, very strong whirlwinds of feelings at her age as well) and what she learned along the way in such universal terms. I loved every word of her journey (life, and trail), so please let her know that for a few years now, I think often of what she wrote and am grateful to have read her book. It’s a treasure! Elizabeth has the gift of the universal. A.C., CT

      The Trail: A True Tale of the Camino, by Elizabeth Sheehan

      In between Elizabeth's first Camino journey and her second, Elizabeth took off her hiking boots and wrote a book. After three years working on drafts of this memoir, she published The Trail: A True Tale of the Camino.

      Elizabeth's first Camino was dramatic in every way, and it is all here in The Trail. It's a love story about the Camino as well as the pilgrims that joined Elizabeth on her journey. The story pulls the reader down the trail and takes all of us on our own Caminos. We can't recommend this book highly enough!

      Visit The Trail's website here!