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      Restore Divine Order

      Restore Divine Order

      Part of the Sovereignty Set

      The name Restore Divine Order suggests that Divine Order can be lost. It can never be lost because Divine Order is. Love and Divinity are the only real things while the rest is a shadow, a fleeting movie reel of illusions. Sometimes we get lost in these movies and forget who we are. So the work of this Essence is to restore our experience of Divine Order and our Divine Self. We appear to need this right now. The plotline of the movie has sucked us in so far that we forget who we are or that it’s a movie.

      Think of this Essence as an Angel that interrupts us in the movie theatre and ushers us out of the theatre to a place where we remember that we are Love and Light in a sea of Love and Light. This Flower Essence mix snaps us out of our amnesia, back to knowing the sovereignty of our energy system. We remember we are Divinity experiencing itself, ever free and safe. We are neither rescuers nor victims. We reclaim a power that is already ours. All illusion that needs to be released, even illusions that clung to us for eons, now return to formlessness. We can see it was just a movie. We step into the real story, our energy systems in optimum Divine order and our eyes and hearts wide open to who we are.

      Angelica- It is really very simple. You are Divinity in a sea of Divinity.
      Cedar- I open the gates of remembrance.
      Dandelion- Burdens relieved and transformed.
      Dill- Expansion.
      Epimedium- Putting back together what needs to be put back together. In this case it’s our experience that only Love is real.
      Eucalyptus- Complete release into emotional freedom.
      Feverfew- I cushion you and remind you of the verity of peace so you feel safe as you leave the theatre.
      Fragrant Ladies Tresses- If you trip on this journey out of the theatre, I pick you up and remind you to keep the faith.
      Holy Basil- I bring the shift of ages to your consciousness.
      Honeybees in the White Hawthorn- Stabilizing you dear ones during this transition. May you feel our waves of harmonious energy supporting you.
      Indian Pipe- Peace is the abiding reality.
      Jamaica Dogwood- Genetic Divine order.
      Konigin Von Danemark Rose- I am an undercurrent in this whole set of six offering emotional tranquility and balance. I help your energy system rest in this.
      The Mary Rose- The heart knows.
      Magenta Snapdragon- Returns the focus to what is manifesting outside the movie theatre.
      Queen Anne’s Lace- I take you out of the territory of illusory doubt once and for all.
      Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean- Spiritual freedom.
      Sunflower- I help you reclaim the power that is already yours.
      Sweet Alyssum- It’s time for higher consciousness to prevail.
      Tea Tree- I bring the restorative power of love to your hearts.
      Trillium- I support this shift that is a perfect balance of spirit and matter.
      True Wood Sorrel- Nothing can disturb this peace.
      Tuberose- I AM union.
      White Wild Wood Violet- I am a comforting friend you can lean on as you leave the theatre.
      Wild Parsnip- Internal and external chaos, both rise up in me into their sublime expression of Divine order.
      Yellow Water Lily- Here we are, the experience of Divinity in a sea of Divinity, afloat in this time yet ever anchored in our true identity as Divinity

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each