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      Disrupt, Derail and Dismantle Negativity

      What you've shared with us
      • "Disrupt, Derail and Dismantle Negativity is truly inspired and so helpful in sealing pockets that allow negativity to seep in unawares (It works without me needing to close) off my heart chakra. The formula also allows my true self to shine rather than having me hypervigilant in guarding against pesky energy vampires." C.C., Philadelphia, PA
      • "I combined Disrupt, Derail and Dismantle Negativity with All Ego Contracts Null & Void to work out some generational negativity and I'm very pleased with the results. For me Disrupt, Derail and Dismantle Negativity is an energetic crescendo of sorts. Working subtly yet definitely building in power over the last six to eight weeks. Perhaps I could feel the difference as the blockages cleared." S.H., PA

      Disrupt, Derail and Dismantle Negativity

      Part of the Sovereignty Set

      Like mosquitos on a perfect summer night, negative energies run interference as we reach for the stars. And to the stars we shall go. The tipping point has passed. The Light will prevail on our dear planet. Nothing can stop us, yet who doesn’t appreciate a mix that helps minimize negative interference? So here is a mix to disrupt, derail and dismantle negativity as we move through this time into greater Light.

      Powerhouse Flower Essences in this mix support us to clear our energy field of all discordant, warped or unnatural energies. In fact, everything that is not our own energy is cleared because only our own energy belongs in our energy field. Anything that is not our energy must exit our energy systems.

      This mix works in many layered ways. Entry points for energy vampires or anything that seeks to disturb are dismantled. Cellular memory of untruths of any form presently embedded in us are removed so Divine truth can prevail and we understand our right to energetic sanctuary. Our life blood is protected and purified. The housecleaning is profound, thorough and deep. Chaos and discord are transmuted into harmonious energy and disabled from replicating or enlarging in scope. We receive support to break any chain that binds us so we experience the sovereignty of our energy field. After the clear out, many of the Essences in this mix enhance a force field of Light around us.

      Why did the Angels want to create this mix in addition to the wonderful Golden Armor? They explain that this mix and Gatekeeper augment the work of Golden Armor to deal successfully with more sophisticated attacks on our energy system.

      Like all Flower Essences, this mix offers itself in service to your Light and you remain in the driver’s seat. This mix will help you regulate deconstruction and removal of negativity in your system much as a site supervisor would organize such a project. It is composed of very strong Flower Essence allies but the volition remains in your hands and the sanctity of your energy system is never violated by an Essence.

      While the other mixes in this set have closed with each Flower speaking a bit about its purpose in the mix, some in this group explain themselves collectively and some individually.

      Bee Balm, Blackberry, Bleeding Heart, Burdock, Calliandra, Cardinal de Richelieu Rose, Monkey Tail, White Calliandra- We work as a unit to support you in the work of clearing and purifying your life’s blood. This is key to clearing your energy field.
      Celandine- Help to clearing your energy field down to cellular units.
      Cherry Tomato- For breaking any negative chains that bind negativity in your energy system.
      Dandelion- In this mix, I serve to ignite your abilities to thoroughly cleanse and clear your energy system.
      Elderberry- I show you that like me, you have a “don’t mess with me” energy with powers to clear your energy field. Not only do I demonstrate how to use this power to stop lies and other negative energies from inhabiting and enlarging their presence in your energy field, I show you how to rid yourself of these energies once and for all.
      Fireweed- I am a very strong elemental cleanser. I help you breakthrough to a new level of energetic sovereignty.
      Garlic- I share with you my force field of Light that rebuffs and clears negativity so you can make this strength your own.
      Lion’s Ear- We, the Lion’s Ear collective of spiritual guides oversee the entire healing work of these six mixes and support you in whatever ways you ask for our support.
      Niella- I share the skill of clearing the individual chakras of ANY disturbance or negativity so that each energy center can spin to its fullest in complete sanctity.
      Orange Hawkweed- I make sure you sweep out every cobweb and clear your field completely. I help you harness your creativity for this task.
      Pennyroyal- Removing the pull of negativity, I help you dismantle negative thought loops and other negative patterns that might once have held your interest.
      Purple Sensation Allium- I support you to go into your energetic core then flow out in every direction, removing everything that does not belong in your field.
      Radish- I help amplify the power of your efforts.
      Rhubarb- I help you enlarge the scope and breadth of your efforts.
      Rue- I ignite within you the absolute certainty you deserve to live in complete and total energetic sovereignty.
      Scotch Thistle- I help you clear your emotional body with great thoroughness.
      Silver-rod- I show you the way to remove all disturbances in your energetic field.
      Wild Parsnip- I help you transform any chaotic energy into its higher octave of harmony and peace.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each