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      Safe Passage

      Safe Passage

      Part of the Sovereignty Set

      This year’s Venus Garden brings us to the threshold and on to the birth. It is time. We walk this path of rebirth with the promise of Divinity that this will be a safe passage with not a soul forgotten. We are in this together, indivisible. Nothing is outside this shift of ages. No one can be forgotten. We are one.

      In the garden the birth is reflected in the design of the Flowers. Thyme, White Snapdragons, Four O’Clocks and tall Sunflowers usher us into the journey, this birth. They remind us that it is time for this shift and that we are not alone. Instead, we are surrounded by light workers ready to help us help ourselves. And rise up we must. As we follow the path of pine needles through the garden, we too rise up in self mastery as vivacious Teddy Bear Sunflowers in a sea of Sweet Alyssum.

      Ringing the entire garden and sheltering the Sunflowers in particular are an abundance of Nasturtiums. They support us to stay grounded, steady in our hearts with our minds calm.

      The path encircles the heart of the garden. There at it’s heart is a ring of Mehera Marigolds, love incarnate, entwined with one splendid Yellow Marigold of gratitude. They surround Holy Basil, the Flower that takes us to the next evolutionary level. Holy Basil, the first Flower to cross the threshold in the evolutionary ladder, knows we can do it and empowers us to make the leap. It keeps us rock steady and confident as we go forward. The Marigolds chime in with their wisdom about metamorphosis as well as love and gratitude.

      Into the precision of the plantings, Cosmos, Mustard, and Nicotianas volunteer to remind us to speak our heart’s truth, one to the other, stay connected as we proceed and let go of everything that is a burden, as in everything but love.

      As we pass the threshold of the birth, joyous Zinnias enfold us along with those wonderful light being guardians that have been with us throughout. They stay with us now in the form of Lion’s Ear collective. Could there be better allies as we blossom into our new selves?

      This astounding garden was built on the sacred energies of the previous of 28 Venus Gardens. I would like to thank all those in spirit and in human form who helped to make manifest these Venus Garden healing mandalas. This year in particular I was supported by the healer who planted the Alignment Garden with me in 2005, Kathy Skolem. I can get a bit exuberant and even a bit relaxed as I follow the garden designs as given to me by the Angels and Elementals. Improvisation is sometimes key, but this year required precision and a very specific adherence to the design given. This garden takes us on a route to New Life. This meant we needed to follow the map exactly as given by those in spirit that know the way! Kathy supported the energy of precision. Together we planted this garden following the exact design of the mandala. The results astounded us all.

      I am so grateful we get to have the energies of Safe Passage live on in this Essence. No words do justice to the energy of this garden or its Essence. It embodies and therefore shares with our electrical systems the next iteration of LOVE to be made manifest on this planet. It helps us all to support this blossoming in each and every one of us. It births us into this New Life now.

      - There are more photos of this garden in the blog entitled "Our New Flower Essence mixes for 2021"

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each