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      Calm, Cool & Collected

      What you've shared with us
      • "The first time I took Calm, Cool and Collected I could feel a change in my energy. I felt more peaceful. I could feel calm, see where I would be a chatterbox/monkey mind before. Now, did it work all the time? No, but it certainly did help." L.A., MA

      Calm, Cool & Collected

      Part of the Sovereignty Set

      Anchored in the center of our being is the experience of unshakeable confidence in our Light, unassailable calm in the face of any challenge and knowledge of self as Divinity.

      This kind of calm, cool & collected is no attitude but an experience of truth. Even as this time can feel like the antithesis of calm, cool and collected, the truth is that the Light is us and never diminishes. We prevail as imperishable love. This Flower Essence mix hands us the road map to this state of being and walks with us to this place of calm, cool & collected.

      Its cast of Flower Essences unite to support us.
      Angelica reveals our oneness with Divinity.
      Applemint shows us how to cool down.
      Borage encourages.
      Babies’ Breath softens the blows.
      Aloe Vera soothes and restores burnt territory.
      Chamomile offers tranquility and peace.
      Wise Corn helps us ground in eternal reality.
      Dill empowers.
      Eucalyptus shows us how to release extreme emotions via the lungs.
      Eyes of Mary reminds us of the higher truth that only Divinity is real.
      Fireweed soars us into higher truth.
      Garlic bathes us in positivity.
      Konigin Von Danemark Rose shows us a way to balance and regulate our nervous system. Maltese Cross helps us mend.
      Plum is a tool to stabilize the root chakra.
      Royal Purple Smoke Tree helps us find a soft way to go forward, breaking down overheated chain reactions.
      Ancient Redwood whispers of strength, integrity and the long view.
      St John’s Wort de-escalates the drama.
      Water Avens cools the firestorms.
      Yellow Mullein helps restore our confidence.
      Yerba Mate takes us deep into self care, showing us how to protect and nourish on the cellular level.
      Working seamlessly together, these beloveds gift us with their hard earned wisdom so we too can find calm and cool and a collected confidence in who we are.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each