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      Part of the Sovereignty Set

      The only thing that should be in your energy field is your energy. No one else and nothing else belongs there. While Disrupt, Derail & Dismantle helps us clear our energy fields of energies that should not be there, Gatekeeper demonstrates how to keep our energy field sacrosanct. This is a complicated skill to learn, so Gatekeeper also helps us maintain these energetic boundaries until we learn how to do this for ourselves.

      Gatekeeper, as with all 2021 mixes, is serious about its purposes.

      Sometimes it is stories we tell ourselves that lead to us letting our boundaries be violated. These are often not even our stories but the stories of larger groups and institutions. One of the problems with institutions, be it a family system or a larger organization such as a nation state, religion, business, social or educational community, is that they often support violations of our individual energy fields in order to maintain themselves. This is because institutions are almost always intent on preserving themselves, not individuals. Institutions often hammer home ideas that confuse us about our energy boundaries, insisting institutional values that violate us but support “the greater good” are more important than listening to our own inner values. This leads us to opening our fields to energies that are not our own.

      What is the premise of most organizations? That we are separate and different from each other and must maintain our separateness using collective organizational power over others. Violations of our energy field result when we fall into this illusion of separation, with its pervasive confusion about better than/worse than or more powerful than/weaker than. For example, we might be encouraged to feel as a member of a nation state that we are more powerful and more important than others and deserve more of everything including energies rightfully belonging to others. In truth we are all one indivisible force field impacting each other while free to maintain our own energetic boundaries.

      In the illusion of separation we believe we must have power over others in order to be safe or that we must give someone our power and allow them to be in our energy field protecting us. We may also hold the confusion that love means opening our field and giving our energy away to someone. We are taught that as others are separate, they may need our energy more than we do or need us to carry them energetically. There are so many ways we have grown confused about energetic boundaries and confused about who owns our personal life force.

      No matter how we got into a situation of unclear energetic boundaries, Gatekeeper supports us to close the energetic loopholes and find energetic integrity, energetic coherence and energetic sovereignty. This is our birthright.

      Once we understand ourselves to be indivisible with the Light and never more or less powerful than anyone else, we better understand our right to energetic integrity and sovereignty. Gatekeeper supports us to close energetic holes, dissolve illusions and close any gaps in our energy field made by divisive, chaotic and mistaken ideas of power imbalances.

      All this requires courage because to give up the proscribed ideas and rules of groups and other institutions is to experience ourselves on a truly level playing field. Connection is never about dividing people or using people in any kind of transaction. Instead it is an improvisation in which we connect as Divine beings free to find a deeper experience of another and self in any interaction. It is connection without imposed parameters of control and no imposed structure. We go into each encounter not to fix or be fixed but to experience the wholeness and holiness of each other and ourselves.

      Here is a brief explanation for why these specific Flowers are in this mix. As with all these mixes, additional gifts come from the way they dovetail together to bring a collective energy to this mix.

      Angelica- Ignites the experience of unity consciousness within us by illuminating the Divinity in every cell of every one of us.
      Bear’s Breeches- Shows us how to transform our wounds into an expression of appropriate boundaries and maintain this energetic sovereignty.
      Dandelion- Helps us maintain the integrity of our energetic field during times of metamorphosis and change when old doubts, fears and other emotions can creep back in and throw us off track.
      Ethereal Fluidium Super Glue- For the mending of unhealed memories which leads to closure of gaps between our physical and etheric bodies. This closure brings energetic cohesion and strength.
      Eucalyptus- Brings order and calm to the process of closing gaps and releasing old ideas and emotions that left us confused and energetically vulnerable.
      Goldenrod- Help to break the ties that bound us to group notions that don’t feel true to us. Support to stand in our own truth and no longer open our energy system to ideas that do not feel true to us.
      Konigin Von Danemark Rose- This Rose offers wisdom about discernment, metabolic balance and energetic coherence.
      Lilac- Cultivates our spiritual spine so we unequivocally know our right to energetic sanctity in all situations even those in which much pressure is brought to bear against us.
      Lion’s Ear- Connects us to Light beings guiding our way at this juncture of our evolution.
      Golden Armor- Our old friend brings the playbook on energetic sanctity.
      Mexican Poppy- Shares wisdom about energetic sanctity in heated situations. Dismantles energy of peer pressure.
      Radish- Amplifies our force field of Light.
      Rattlesnake Master- Supports our discernment in high stakes situations including when negativity has doubled down on us.
      Scotch Thistle- Of particular help to those who have given away their energetic sanctity in an effort to be loving. Restores the balance of love with appropriate boundaries.
      Snapdragon- More support to have spiritual spine.
      Spiderwort- Discernment.
      Spruce- Helps us close gaps in our energetic field specifically the physical and etheric body link.
      Sunflower- You are the super hero of your own life. You are not a side kick there for someone else or something else. You are there for the Divinity within you and your unique Divine purpose.
      Tansy- Working both on a cellular level and also on a societal level, I break up and remove anything that seeks to disturb.
      Teasel- Offers us unrivalled support to keep our energy fields clear of everything that is not our Divine self.
      Torch Flower- Taps us into the life force within us that can accomplish this work of energetic sovereignty.
      The Watchman- Brings us focused protection 24/7 of all chakras even when we sleep.
      Wild Ginger- I make sure the foundation of healing created by this mix is strong and will endure.
      Yerba Mate- I nourish you in this work, shining my light on every cell as you seek to create an energetic system of integrity and Light.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each