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      Mountain Avens, Dryas octopetala

      I AM the balance of my timeless identity in a life grounded in earth time.

      Mountain Avens, Dryas octopetala

      Balance in our experience as timeless beings in an experience of time

      Mountain Avens explains, “I AM composed of eight white petals, the number of the infinite. Flowers move through time differently than many other creations. We are particularly adept at being fully present in the now while also bringing a vibration of timeless wisdom.

      My vibration, in particular, is a vibration of both timelessness and grounding in practical time. This vibration is a help to those who find themselves either consumed by a rigidly time oriented daily schedule OR those who find themselves unable to move out of timeless interests to manage the necessary time constraints of daily life.

      I help you to be able to be absorbed in the timeless creative aspects of the eternal now AND also come back fully into practical time to do the necessary logistical activities related to time in a physical body. I also help you to take time less seriously, particularly if you are consumed by keeping time, making the most of time, living a well timed life or worrying about the ravages of time. Consider me if you are always late, forget time related appointments, feel too tied to a time related life, worry about time, in other words, if you are out of balance in a life too geared around time or a life in which you not sufficiently grounded in time to get necessary daily tasks done. In these varied situations, I AM your Essence.”

      -Helps relax those of us who are consumed by sticking to a precise schedule.
      -Helps expand our experience of time if we feel rushed by time, unable to get places on time or are unable to find the time to do what we need to do.
      -Helps us remember our eternal identity when we are upset by how our physical bodies reflect the passage of time.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each