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      The Irish Collection

      The Irish Collection

      The Irish Collection offers generous gifts from the ancient Elementals of Ireland and connects us to the great wellspring of Celtic wisdom. These Flower Essences lift the veil between us and a more magical experience of reality. They help us balance our inner and outer life, find consolation in times of limitation and encourage us on the spiritual path when we feel downtrodden, unseen or besieged in any way. This collection grounds us in a timeless experience of our eternal self and supports us to express ourselves with courage, good cheer, zest for life and a feeling of oneness with all that is.

      'In this collection of Flower Essences, one of our primary intentions is to serve the dismissed, disempowered, invisible and downtrodden. Finding ourselves similarly ignored has been our lot in the postindustrial world. Consequently, we bring particular empathy and support to those of you who find yourselves in similar straits. In our Flower Essence gifts, we reach across the silence that has too long divided us from each other to find again our kinship and communion in a natural world held in high esteem. Once human and Elemental alike were cherished parts of all that is. Once our communion was the greatness of this land. May such times live again.' Please see long definitions for more from the Elementals of Ireland.

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