This collection reflects more than two decades of intensive Flower Essence work with literally hundreds of thousands of animals, particularly those living in close proximity to humans.  Each of the twenty-two remedies addresses a specific challenge faced by animals. After developing this collection for the animals, we noticed almost immediately that these remedies were wonderful for people too! So dive right in! The animals in your life will be delighted you are on this journey with them!


We love our work with animals.  It gives us great joy. From the beginning of Green Hope Farm, we’ve worked with many animals in many situations.  Early on, we made several combination mixes for animals including Flee Free and Animal Emergency Care, but generally we sent out individual Flower Essences for each animal after discussing the issues with each animal caretaker.  This was a cumbersome system but also taught us much about the strengths of many Flower Essences.


One day an animal practitioner who worked with our Flower Essences asked us to create a collection for the animals.  We had been particularly busy that day so I said to this Green Hope friend, “That’s a great idea, but I don’t know when we will be able to work on this.  We aren’t exactly sitting around eating bonbons.”  No sooner had I hung up the phone than a friend of one of my children walked in with an enormous box of chocolates for us.  Okay, so we WERE eating bonbons.  This synchronicity had the Angels’ fingerprints all over it.  As I ate my first truffle I said to the Angels, “If you want me to make this collection, you need to send another full time staff person!”  The phone immediately rang and the woman on the line said, “The Angels just asked me to call and tell you that I am looking for work and would like to come to work at the farm.”


I was on my third truffle when I started to write down the list of combinations the Angels wanted us to create.  After many intensive conversations with the Angels about these mixes, the collection of twenty-two remedies was born.  I look back on bonbon day with joy and gratitude.  I am so glad to have this amazing collection to offer you.  It has such incredible depths and strengths.  Each mix has revealed itself as much more versatile and complex in its gifts than originally anticipated.  As noted before, each has proven to be deeply healing for animals and people. 
In keeping with the Green Hope Angel’s favorite expression of, “Dogs but no dogma”, please use any combination of these Flower Essences for any situation you are prompted to use them for and with any creature you want, yourself included! 
If you would like one or more free copies of our Animal Wellness Collection brochure describing this collection and how to use it, let us know.  For the convenience of animal care practices and stores, two versions of the brochure are offered: one with our ordering information and one without our ordering information.
I salute the people and Angels who encouraged us to create this collection and Mehera Irani whose great love for animals inspires us daily.


All of our Animal Wellness Collection Flower Essences are combination remedies, meaning they are mixes of many individual Flower Essences. They are available in 2 sizes: a 1/2 ounce size bottle for $9.00 each and a 2 ounce size bottle for $30.00.

Click on the name of the flower essence for an expanded definition:

ABANDONMENT & ABUSE- Helpful for any person or animal that has been through an experience of trauma, abuse or abandonment. Helps with posttraumatic stress, terror at being handled, loner behavior, socialization issues, depression, odd phobias, cringing and hiding. Our most important remedy for rescue animals

ANIMAL EMERGENCY CARE- Especially formulated to calm and support the electrical systems of animals during acute healing crises, emergencies, stressful situations as well as long-term illnesses

ANXIETY- Help to ease and release anxiety and anxiety based behaviors. Our most popular remedy for people and animals

BREATHE- Supports the health and well-being of the pulmonary and upper respiratory systems

CARETAKER- Restorative and expansive remedy for anyone or any animal in a caregiving role

DIGESTIVE WOES- All issues of gastrointestinal health and well-being

FLEE FREE- Focused support to improve the electrical vitality of an animal so that the animal’s electrical field rebuffs low vibration pests including fleas and ticks

FLOW FREE- For any issue of flow in the nervous system, urinary tract, digestive tract, lymphatic system or circulatory system or any situation of blockage be it emotional, mental or physical

GRIEF & LOSS- For when a loved one dies, loss of a home or sense of purpose, break up of family, for despair, depression, brokenness, or grief

HEALTHY COAT- Addressing all issues of hair, fur or skin in animals or people including hot spots, rashes, skin sensitivities, allergic reactions, wound healing or coat issues, supports the healing process for all raw, inflamed or reactive tissue internally as well as externally

IMMUNE SUPPORT- Dynamic support for the health and vitality of the immune system 

JEALOUSY-  Promotes harmony and balance in any community of animals or people, eases sibling rivalry or any situation of jealousy

NEEDINESS-  Supports animals to find right relationship with their human caretakers and within the pack of animals and people they live with

NEW BEGINNINGS- For animals and people when faced with a new home, new primary relationships, new role or new life situation

OUTBURST- Animals and children act as sponges absorbing negativity wherever they go. It is easy for them to get electrically overcharged. This remedy helps them release these overcharges in a benign way thus preventing violent outbursts of pent up emotions including skin rashes, fevers, argumentativeness, biting or temper tantrums

RECOVERY- Support for recovery from any illness, injury, accident, trauma or surgery, offering a blueprint for a return to dynamic good health

RUN & PLAY- Supports health of bones, joints and muscles as well as the healing process for any orthopedic injury or chronic condition

SENIOR CITIZEN- To help maintain emotional equilibrium and good cheer during declines in function associated with aging and to help with the reversal of these declines in whatever way is possible

SEPARATION- For all issues of separation anxiety

SHOWCATS- First developed for show animals, this remedy encourages balanced self-expression for animals as well as people in and out of the limelight

SPRAYING- Helps the animal to resolve their emotional issues and release any resentment, pent up anger, territorial aggression or emotional confusion without spraying

TRANSITION- Energetic support for all transitions including death

TWO OTHER COMBINATIONS FOR THE ANIMALS - Two remedies that are not in this collection, but that offer much needed support to the animals are Golden Armor and The Arbor Garden. Both are described in the Green Hope Farm Combination Collection section.

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