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Welcome to Green Hope Farm Flower Essences!

Despite the snowstorms of March, our greenhouse fills with seedlings for all the gardens we will plant this spring.

In a matter of days, the first Flowers of our world- Snowdrops, Crocuses and Winter Aconite- will declare that another glorious year of Flowers has well and truly begun.

We look forward with great joy to their return and the return of all the beloved Flowers we use in our Flower Essences!

There are many exciting things happening at the farm. Check out our Facebook page for a daily posting of what's blooming and check out Molly's Blog for more in-depth news about our Flower adventures! And of course, email us at with any questions about our Flower Essences!

New Essences from 2013!

No matter what your situation or generation, there are some pretty spectacular and supportive Flower Essences new this season. Check them out here on Molly's Blog!

Who are we? Here at Green Hope Farm, we make Flower Essences. Flower Essences hold the healing wisdom of Flowers. This wisdom is the electrical vibration of the Flower, information that is easy for our electrical systems to read and learn from. Flower Essences offer us and our animals road maps for solving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges and difficulties that we have been unable to solve on our own.

Our Flower Essences are stabilized in a non alcohol base of Red Shiso, an herb from the mint family. We make our Flower Essences in our organic gardens here at the farm where we have been working in partnership with the Angels and Elementals of the Nature Kingdom for over twenty-five years. We also have Flower Essences made during trips to Bermuda, the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the west coast of Ireland, the deserts of the American southwest, the island of St John, USVI and the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Santorini.

Not Sure Where to Start? The Collections Page is the place to go for descriptions of our main line up of Flower Essences.
In addition, we now have an alphabetical list of every Flower Essence we make. This list gives each Flower’s latin name and also indicates which collection the Flower Essence is found in. Click here for this list.
If a Flower Essence you are interested in is described on this alphabetical list as being from our Additional Flower Essence list, click here for this list.

For another way to choose Flower Essences, check out our "Common Concerns List," which lists Flower Essence recommendations based on situation, symptom or concern. We have tried to incorporate all of your much-appreciated topic suggestions!

New Essences! Read about our New Essences from 2013 at Molly's Blog! This document includes a brief description of 2012 New Essences.  If you want the longer description of these 2012 Essences click here.

The newest edition of A Guide to Green Hope Farm Flower Essences was published in the May of 2012. If you'd like to receive a copy, request it here!

Have Questions about our Products and their Usage? Try our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our work with Animals has been a significant focus for us. We have a collection of Animal Wellness Flower Essences that has served hundreds of thousands of animals all over the planet. Click here to see our Animal Wellness Collection.

Click here for our document, Flower Essence Suggestions for the Common Concerns that Animals Face

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Emily Sheehan lived in Ortigia, the oldest part of Siracusa, Sicily during the winter and spring of 2010. She created this collection of Flower Essences in the same order as her travels in the Mediterranean. Click here to see the collection!

Elizabeth Sheehan has brought us many Flower Essences from the ancient Spanish pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. The Trail: A True Tale of the Camino, her wonderful memoir about her adventures on the trail is available from us! Click here if you’d like to find out more about Elizabeth’s memoir or just call or email and we’ll send you an autographed copy. You can also order our Trail and Trio Combination Set!