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      z14. O'Cebreiro

      z14. O'Cebreiro


      Accessing the strength to keep moving forward and leave behind the people and places in your life that you have loved yet know are not part of your onward growth as a soul.

      Notes from Elizabeth's Camino: On the top slopes of the entrance into the region of Galicia lies O’Cebreiro, a small town tucked in the clouds. It was a place that I stopped at for only a brief moment before moving on down into the valley beyond. The group I was traveling with had swelled to twelve, but suddenly the group was breaking into pieces. This was a complex moment, when I had to make a choice about whom I would travel with during the rest of the trail. I decided to move on with the two American guys and the three British boys. They were walking about 10k further than where the rest of the group was spending the night. As I walked down the backside of the village with this new smaller group, I was overcome with sadness about leaving the others behind and began to cry. One of my friends waited with me in the shade of a tree as I let the tears pass. I came to understand that this sadness was really about all the moments in my life when I had to leave behind people that I loved, but knew I needed to part with. The sorrow was for all the loss, even in the face of the truth that it was the wisest and strongest decision for my soul. This Essence of Galician Flowers is there to support us in all these moments of letting go, as well as to help us heal all the old scars of such moments we may not even know we still carry with us.

      -The pace of spiritual change on this planet is very swift right now, and O'Cebreiro helps us access the strength to keep up and keep going.
      -In addition, the spiritual path requires us to let go of many circumstances and people we love. O'Cebreiro helps us find the strength and courage to do this even when we do not know where are this letting go is taking us.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each