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      z13. Trabadelo

      z13. Trabadelo


      Finding the courage to acknowledge and let our old patterns go, even as we are unsure of what our lives will look like without them.

      Notes from Elizabeth's Camino: Trabadelo was a small cluster of buildings along a winding river, right at the base of the last mountain range that we would traverse before the end of the trail. A few nights before, we met a man in his late twenties from Tasmania who had walked around the world on his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. He had started nearly two years before and had walked up through South and Central America into the States and Canada as well. He then flew to Russia and walked all the way across Asia and Europe to Spain. He planned to end at Fisterra where my friends and I planned to finish. Having now walked several hundred miles ourselves, we were in awe of his seventeen thousand mile journey. He was an interesting character, reminding me of a charismatic person I had known in my life before the Camino. I was drawn to him, even as he sent me very mixed signals. This pilgrim gave me a great gift. He revealed to me a relationship pattern that had left me lonely. He helped me to see how I could choose more accessible people to be part of my life. As a familiar relationship paradigm played out at lightning speed, I realized I was not bound to continue a pattern that had not worked for me in the past. When this pilgrim woke me at 4 am to tell me he was walking ahead of our group and would not be stopping where our group was stopping, I said goodbye. Though it was tough, I allowed myself the chance for the first time to not follow this pattern. It took days to find peace with my choice, but the land and Flowers along this stretch gave me the courage to listen to my newly minted wisdom.

      -Trabadelo helps us see all that has gone before with compassion towards ourselves and others.
      -Trabadelo offers an Angelic overview of our life situation, a viewpoint that illuminates things that didn't work with an unconditionally loving attitude that lets us abandon counter productive behaviors as well as regrets, fears or harsh self judgments that gum up our evolutionary journey.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each