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      White Mulberry, Morus alba

      I AM the enduring reality of my divine self poised to begin anew in expression of my truth.

      White Mulberry, Morus alba

      The freedom to express our unique divine identity

      As the sole food of voracious silkworms, White Mulberry has been chained to the ego dreams of fortune seekers for tens of thousands of years. In New England the silk industry boomed and busted in the early 1800's. White Mulberry trees fueled many get rich quick schemes in the region. The industry collapsed when a Mulberry blight killed most of the trees. When I found an elderly surviving White Mulberry blooming with abandon, I knew its Flowers would hold a unique wisdom.

      A tree's destiny, like our own, is to express its true self. This White Mulberry was warped to fuel other's desires yet matured beyond its original imposed role. In its wise old age it offers us information about the territory beyond the cycle of being consumed by others or consumed by false obligations.

      'I sing a song of the immutable God self within those who have lived through the total depredations of ego driven behavior. I am solace and the way forward for those who survive the extremes of human greed and selfishness. If you have been at the receiving end of someone's extreme selfishness and ego driven behavior, I help you find your way beyond this drama. I am the calm certainty that all shall be restored, and that your eternal self is intact and whole within you yet.'

      -Excellent for those in recovery from relationships with narcissists or other selfish or abusive people.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each