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      White Hedge Nettle from Preveli, CRETE, Prasium majus

      I AM the clear retrieval of all spiritual guidance I receive while I sleep.

      White Hedge Nettle from Preveli, CRETE, Prasium majus

      Brings lucid understanding to dream state and waking life

      This Flower Essence supports us to hear our inner guidance clearly during our night’s sleep then bring this guidance forward to full consciousness in the morning. It also brings great illumination to what we think of as our "waking life". Here a healer named Cristina from the Canary Islands kindly shares this message she received from White Hedge Nettle,

      "Realize that your waking life is only an illusion your soul chose to partake in. When you dream at night, you take and believe everything that happens inside the dream at face value. It is only after waking up that you realize you were dreaming, and that it was all a mirage. Waking life is no different. Whenever you suffer or have a hard time in your lives, or even your positive experiences - all of them are there to serve your souls' growth. Your souls chose to come here to learn and take part in this physical drama called life. (your) waking life in the physical (per se) is a dream your soul chose to experience: a desire to directly experience and know about the physical realm, the 3D dimension you take so much to heart sometimes. You chose to come because one learns best about the physical when (you) directly experience it and take what it shows (you) at face value. Therefore, I give support in helping you to become lucid inside this dream, so that any possible suffering lessens. To take things in your stride, as a lucid dreamer would do during the night. I will help you take life less seriously. All pain is an illusion and I will help you enjoy any positive experiences - fully knowing that nothing is permanent will help you appreciate the good even more. Waking life also gives (you) spiritual guidance, because it is (your) soul's dreamtime. Pay attention, become mindful. You are always loved and supported. Become present and remember that the physical (especially pain) is only an illusion. Make the most of the 3D/physical illusion while you are here".

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each