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      Westerland Rose, Rosa 'Westerland'

      I AM the embodiment of creative change.

      What you've shared with us
      • "It feels like Westerland Rose drops you into to a deep space very quickly and it has clearing qualities. Also seems it has more to say and I am listening. Luna likes to select a flower essence in the morning for me to apply to her fur. (cont...)
      • She has been very consistent in asking for Westerland Rose, which is an interesting selection. She is so content as I apply a drop to her coat. It is a wonderful essence." E.B., Nashua, NH
      • "Westerland Rose feels like a big godly bear hug in a bottle. You all do such marvelous work with divine flowers. Thanks you for coming into my life." L.G., Asheville, NC

      Westerland Rose, Rosa 'Westerland'

      Support for the first, second and third chakras to handle the incoming higher vibrations

      As we assimilate the gifts of the new higher energies pouring into the planet, we can find ourselves overheated and raw, especially in our first, second and third chakras. These chakras take a hit during these fiery times because these higher energies work on issues of self-identity and personal power, encouraging us to change our mindset and our vibration around these issues. This, in turn, affects the first three chakras where these issues are seated in our bodies. This Rose shows us a way to restore and rebalance these chakras during this sometimes fiery and tumultuous change process.

      -Helps us find an elemental and strong experience of balance and physical health and vitality amidst these changes in our vibration.
      -Addresses symptoms including feet and leg issues, fiery nerves and general issues of overheating.
      -Helps when our sense of personal power is under fire and we feel on the defensive.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each