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      Vata, Pitta & Kapha Trio

      Vata, Pitta & Kapha Trio

      Balancing the Ayurvedic Doshas

      Several years ago, an Ayurvedic practice asked us to make three mixes to balance the three doshas or constitutions in the holistic Indian tradition of Ayurvedic medicine. As always, I turned the project over to the Angels, happy to play an observer role in the creation of these mixes. As the years unfolded and we saw firsthand how these three mixes supported people, I felt an increasing awe of the mixes. Recently, the Angels suggested that this would be a good time to bring these mixes to more people’s attention and move them from our Additional Essences list to a more front and center place in our collection. I am so happy that their time has come!

      There is much online information about the Ayurvedic doshas, including tests to see which doshas might be out of balance in your system. Each of the Ayurvedic doshas are part of each of our constitutions though one or two doshas may predominate.

      My own experience is that forces in my childhood worked to suppress my natural equilibrium of doshas so I would be an overly compliant Kapha caring for my whole family of origin. I integrated this imbalance into my way of being in the world which led to an over expression of my Kapha dosha and an under expression of my Pitta nature. I think this is very typical for women. These mixes have helped me find a better balance: just check out my recent blogs and you’ll know my Pitta dosha is finding more balanced expression!

      For everyone, our balance with these doshas can shift, and we may need to address long term imbalances as well as ones that crop up as circumstances change. Each dosha is needed within us with some coming more easily than others, but all need expression. The intention of these three mixes, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, is to help us balance a dosha if it is out of balance within us either not finding full expression or in a place of over-expressing itself.

      Elements: Air & Ether- The mobile energy of WIND
      Strengths of Vata: movement & communication, creativity & flexibility, getting things going. Vata energy is fast moving and flexible like the wind.
      Linked to: Breath, the rhythm of the heart, muscle contractions, cellular mobility, central nervous system communication
      Vata imbalance: Modern life tends to be overly Vata as we are all moving so fast and communicating quickly and constantly. This means that at the moment, many of us may be suffering from too much Vata. If there is too much Vata there may be anxiety, fear, exhaustion, insomnia, lack of focus, racing mind, digestive issues, coldness in the body, muscle spasms.

      Elements: Fire & Water- The transformative nature of FIRE
      Strengths of Pitta: penetrating, spreading warmth, intelligence, understanding, permeating
      Linked to: Digestion of food, thoughts, emotions and experiences, nutrition, metabolism, body temperature
      Pitta imbalance: When out of balance there can be irritability, frustration, intense anger, jealousy, criticism, overheating, heartburn, hot flashes, obsession/compulsion, perfectionism and inflammation.

      Elements: Earth and Water- The binding nature of WATER
      Strengths of Kapha: Kapha energy is very grounded and provides cohesiveness and structure that holds things together. Patience, strength and perseverance are related strengths. Kapha also embodies the watery emotions of love and compassion.
      Linked to: Hydration of cells and systems, lubrication of joints, moisturizing of skin, maintaining immunity and protection of tissues
      Kapha imbalance: Stagnation and resistance to change, lethargy, grudges or posessiveness, weight gain, congestion in organs, doing too much for others and depression.


      The Vata mix contains: Alignment Garden, Anxiety, Arbor Garden, Arizona Lupine, Blackberry, Blue Vervain, Breathe, Cedar, Comfrey, Coralita, Cosmos, Crab Apple, Dandelion, Digestive Woes, Flow Free, Frontenac Rose, Golden Armor, Graniana Rose, Grounding, Honeybees in the White Hawthorn, Mallow, Margaret Merrill Rose, Passion Flower, Pink yarrow from the Cliffs of Moher, Redwood, Run & Play, Sarah Van Fleet Rose, Sweet Pea, Turnera, Watch your Back, Wild Iris, Zinnia The Pitta mix contains: Aloe Vera, Arbor Garden, Avocado, Brown Eyed Evening Primrose. Calliandra, Carrot, Coral Aloe, Crab Apple, Dandelion, Feverfew, Foamflower, Flow Free, Gratitude, Healthy Coat, Hepatica, Honeybees in the White Hawthorn, Jealousy, Jewelweed, Lantana Involucrata, Lemon, Maltese Cross, Maple, Mary Queen of Scots Rose, Masterwort, Orange, Orange Hawkweed, Outburst, Phoenix Rising, Pink Baby’s Breath, Rose a Parfum de l’Hay, Sarah Van Fleet Rose, Screw Pine, Snapdragon, Sunlight Datura The Kapha mix contains: The Alignment Garden, Banana, Basil, Bignonia, Borage, Breathe, Carry Less, Chia, Cucumber, Dandelion, Eggplant, Flow Free, Grapefruit, Grief & Loss, Honeybees in the White Hawthorn, Jasmine, Lemon, Letting Go Flower, La Belle Sultane Rose, Lime, Maple, Montbretia, Moonlight Datura, Orange, Pumpkin, Sunflower, The Sunflower Spiral, Sweet William, Vitality, Yellow Water Lily, Zucchini