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      Upwards & Onwards

      What you've shared with us
      • "I laughed out of joy when I read Molly's description of Upwards and Onwards. In July, I was struck with the urge to massively downsize our possessions. In September, my husband was offered a new position within his company in the EU--And get this--we can only bring with us what we can carry on the plane. I've realized just how little my "stuff" defines me. God defines me. Oneness defines me. My stories don't. And my "stuff" certainly doesn't. So, Upwards and Onwards it is!" A.H., MN

      Upwards & Onwards

      The 2019 Venus Garden combination Flower Essence brings vibrational encouragement to dump our small self baggage so our life choices serve all Divinity & all life

      In the dream the Beloved said, “ Pack only the essentials.”

      What, I wondered, are the essentials? Our love for Divinity. Our love for the Divine in everyone. Our integrity. Our generosity. Our kindness. Our selflessness. Our eternal identity as one with Divinity. In a word, LOVE.

      Nothing of the small selfish self can go with us now. None of the trappings of “me”. It’s all one now. We are in this together as we have always been, but now we know it.

      This year’s Venus Garden was pure and simple. Radiantly beautiful but not complicated. Nothing extra. The heart of the garden was Mehera Marigolds for Love of Divinity. There were Bells of Ireland to help us anchor within us the highest vibration possible, Cosmos so we can live and speak from the heart and Sweet Alyssum so we can be our most evolved self in physical form. Sacred Tobacco and other Nicotianas were there to help us purify and let go of the things we thought were our real identity but which tied us to the illusions of small self and stopped us from knowing our true self in Oneness.

      The expression is usually “onwards and upwards” so when the Angels told me the name of the garden and its Essence, it was an aha moment. Onwards and upwards is the old process of the small self deciding what it wants and going for it, intent to move itself forward even if this negatively impacts others. Now it’s upwards and onwards. Topsy turvy. We have to go upward into higher vibrations and anchor in our hearts. From this place of Oneness we can make decisions that serve all Oneness and take everyone onwards.

      This does not need to be complicated. It’s a letting go of a lot that simply must go. Every one of us has things we need to leave behind. Our petty animosities. Our need to be right. Our ideas that since this is the way we have always done things, we need to keep doing it that way. Our backbiting. Our illusions that we own anything or have dominion over anything or anyone. It all needs to go.

      Onwards and Upwards helps us dump what needs to be dumped, leaving only the Love to pack up and carry on. Preparations are over. We’re in this now. It’s time to let go and let Oneness prevail.

      -Things are moving very fast. Structures we thought were here to stay are falling away. It’s time to go deep and anchor in Divinity. It’s time to let everything go without picking through the remains. There just isn’t time or energy to waste on this. Plus the Angels are adamant that we cannot afford to look back and lower our vibration by dwelling on the mistakes made. We need to look forward, prepared to abandon everything we thought we knew or thought we needed or thought was right and be open to understanding everything and to creating actions from a whole different place.
      -It is really okay to rise up and go on even if others do not want to follow. Everyone on this planet knows they need to open to the incoming light. You are not responsible if others don’t want to do this work at this time. Everyone will continue on as a soul no matter what happens. It is time for you to feel free to do what you need and want to do to embrace the New Earth and your New Life.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each