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      Trillium, Trillium erectum

      I AM centered in the Creator's perfect peace.

      What you've shared with us
      • "I have a new co-worker at my office. She works full time while pursuing an undergraduate degree in business. A group presentation is a major part of her degree requirement & she was required to speak publicly & respond to questions. She had great difficulty with this & was extremely nervous the day of the "performance". (cont...)
      • I lent her my bottle of Trillium, which she took prior to the start of the presentation. She said a great feeling of peace overcame her. Now when things become stressful in the office she is quite eager to partake of an essence." M.S., Concord, MA

      Trillium, Trillium erectum

      Finding the balance of spiritual life in a physical body

      To learn the spiritual lessons of life in physical body we have to be open to spiritual learning but also fully grounded in our physical body. The stresses of some learning lessons can make staying grounded difficult as can some learning styles. Some of us have a tendency to get spaced out and disconnected from our physical bodies as we pursue spiritual learning. This means we don't ground what we have learned. At the other end of the spectrum, some of us can try to avoid spiritual growth through a complete focus on physical life thus missing chances to evolve spiritually. This is as much a problem as not being grounded. No matter where we fall in this spectrum, Trillium helps us find the place where the spiritual and physical co-exist in balance so we learn as efficiently as possible during 'Earth school.'

      1/2 oz. bottle, $7.85 each
      2 oz. bottle, $27.00 each