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      What you've shared with us
      • "My cat died three weeks ago. My partner was away and I felt completely alone and unsure how to help my dear friend pass peacefully. As soon as the flower essences came off the UPS truck, Luna Bear got up for the first time in 24 hours and came out to greet me. (cont...)
      • We worked with the essences and she went outside for the last time, lay down on the earth and rested peacefully for the first time in days. The flower essences gave us both the grace to allow her beautiful transition. I felt so alone until the essences showed up." A.S., Great Barrington, MA
      • "My latest order arrived the evening prior to my Father's transition. I was caring for him at our home under direction of hospice. I am certain your essences helped the Divine Plan express itself in its highest vibrational form possible for everyone's highest good. Our last night & morning together allowed us both the maximum peace & comfort & freedom from fear and suffering imaginable." B.S., Menomonie, WI
      • "I found your website a few months ago when I was searching for help for Shanti, one of our cats. She had developed a rapidly growing cancer and we'd been told she didn't have much time and nothing could be done. We wanted to allow her a natural transition, although we were warned it would likely be horrible. (cont...)
      • It wasn't. And your flower essences helped support us on our healing journey. Even as her physical body faded, her spirit was beautiful and bright. And those days together were filled with many sweet moments." M.H., E. Meredith, NY
      • "Got our essences the week before my cat (19yrs) Scarlet died & it helped the peacefulness of her transition- then it helped us all with Liza's transition (13 yr old border/chow) just 9 days later. We used every drop of Transition, Senior Citizen, Watch Your Back, Flow Free- my other dog, Haley, & I appreciate the assistance." S.R., VA
      • "When my Dad was passing this summer, there came a point when he could no longer swallow. I put Transition in his water cup and on the sponge to wet his lips and mouth. When the Transition was in the cup was the only time he would not fight us wetting his lips. I believe it helped him make a more peaceful passing." M.C., Grantham, NH
      • "Nemo my beloved cat passed away. It was hard to see him make the transition, as we were the best of companions for over 16 years. We used Transition, Grief & Loss and Separation leading up to the final day and all so helpful for the transition. On his final day I gave him Transition plus Emergency Care and took it myself. (cont...)
      • When he was gone, I put a drop of Sweet Pea over him for a restful long sleep. The Flower Essences so helped us all get through the health problems and final moments. I made a spray with some essences and used it to clean his coat in the last few weeks. He so very much enjoyed this grooming, and it soothed him as he had some very agitated times." E.B., NH
      • "My cat Phoenix transitioned April 24th about 5-6 months later than anyone thought possible. She transitioned when she wanted to (when she was darn good and ready) and how she wanted to. With the help of Separation in preparation, then Transition, New Beginnings & Phoenix Rising (what else?) she transitioned with ease and grace in less than five minutes. (cont...)
      • I kept myself stabilized with Emergency Care. Since then I have managed my many feelings with quite a few other essences chosen for me by the Angels." J.B., Falls Church, VA


      This remedy is helpful for any dynamic of change. It supports an animal or person preparing to die. It helps with issues of physical stamina during the work of dying. It also supports the spiritual work done during the last stages of life. This remedy also helps animals and people to feel safe, encouraged and supported through other kinds of transitions.

      -Offers great support and comfort during an animal or person's dying process but IN NO WAY AFFECTS THE TIMETABLE OF EVENTS.
      - Offers support for all sorts of transitions such as new job, new home, new family member as well as the transitions of birth and death.


      Alex MacKenzie Rose, Angelica, Arbor Garden, Cabbage, Corn, Lemon, Lime, Madame Hardy Rose, Magnolia, Maltese Cross, Maple, Orange, Pale Pink Rose, Red Mangrove, Self Heal, Sunlight Datura, Zucchini

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each