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      The Sunflower Spiral

      I AM certain of my purpose, grounded in my own divine light, and illuminated on my path by the light of all that have gone before me.

      From our customers
      • "This is all new and wonderful for me. I am so grateful to my niece for bringing you into my life. I feel as though I am in a protective "Bubble". There has never been such peace and eagerness to learn in my life before. (cont...)
      • I can actually "not" be hurt or affected by what my family or coworkers may say. This is a huge step for me. Thank you for helping me on my journey to a new me!" R.F., Maudlin, NC
      • "Such fascinating times we live in- and such patient flower essences I have. I gulped them down when they first arrived...then I kept forgetting that they were here, patiently waiting on my nightstand, nudging me everyday. (cont...)
      • I kept allowing myself to become distracted by clients, friends, family and a myriad of confusing life details! So here I am, in ecstasy finally again, after having imbibed again of spectacular Sunflower Spiral. (cont...)
      • Such an extraordinary sumptuous gift for my soul and body- THANK YOU!!! I am realizing that it brings me into joy." A.K., New Britain, CT
      • "When we were still in NYC, I had an angelic healing session with a wonderful guide Doug. Before the session I took the Sunflower Spiral essence (I did not mention this to him). When he began the session, he sounded very surprised. (cont...)
      • When I asked what was going on. He told me that above my crown chakra was a giant sunflower pouring light into my crown chakra...It was a great reinforcement how real and wonderful the essences are!" T.J., Sedona, AZ
      • "I'm sure you hear this all the time, but (the Sunflower Spiral) was just exactly perfect. PERFECT. For my current inner stateā€¦it is such a powerful comfort & clarifier for me. (cont...)
      • The first day I took it I actually felt happy- without feeling a 1,000 pound weight on my shoulders." E.R., Talent, OR
      • "Just wanted to say that we've been using your flower essences in shamanic practice on ourselves and clients. (cont...)
      • They have been phenomenal at preparing the person for deep work and with integration afterwards. The Sunflower Spiral is a lovely connection between sky and earth." practitioner in Boulder, CO
      • "This past weekend I used your essences for my Reiki II class. We muscle tested to see which Essences each individual needed before the attunement and then after. (cont...)
      • It was an incredible experience for everyone. Is anyone else doing this? I'd love to get feedback." G.B., North Hampton, NH

      The Sunflower Spiral

      Belonging on the spiritual path

      Made from a spiral of Sunflowers ascending in size from foot tall miniatures on the outer rim to Russian giants at its heart, this Essence is clarifying. It helps us feel grounded in our spiritual journey, know who is there to support us and know who we are there to support. The Essence lifts us up, supporting us to find our way on the spiral towards God realization. It renews and encourages us to keep going when the spiral gets demanding. It will support any soul, at any stage of its journey, but offers particular encouragement for those nearer the center of the spiral who bear the responsibility of holding more light and sharing that light with others.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each