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      The NEW Sunflower Spiral

      I AM certain of my purpose, grounded in my own divine light, and illuminated on my path by the light of all that have gone before me.

      What you've shared with us
      • "This is all new and wonderful for me. I am so grateful to my niece for bringing you into my life. I feel as though I am in a protective "Bubble". There has never been such peace and eagerness to learn in my life before. (cont...)
      • I can actually "not" be hurt or affected by what my family or coworkers may say. This is a huge step for me. Thank you for helping me on my journey to a new me!" R.F., Maudlin, NC
      • "Such fascinating times we live in- and such patient flower essences I have. I gulped them down when they first arrived...then I kept forgetting that they were here, patiently waiting on my nightstand, nudging me everyday. (cont...)
      • I kept allowing myself to become distracted by clients, friends, family and a myriad of confusing life details! So here I am, in ecstasy finally again, after having imbibed again of spectacular Sunflower Spiral. (cont...)
      • Such an extraordinary sumptuous gift for my soul and body- THANK YOU!!! I am realizing that it brings me into joy." A.K., New Britain, CT
      • "When we were still in NYC, I had an angelic healing session with a wonderful guide Doug. Before the session I took the Sunflower Spiral essence (I did not mention this to him). When he began the session, he sounded very surprised. (cont...)
      • When I asked what was going on. He told me that above my crown chakra was a giant sunflower pouring light into my crown chakra...It was a great reinforcement how real and wonderful the essences are!" T.J., Sedona, AZ
      • "I'm sure you hear this all the time, but (the Sunflower Spiral) was just exactly perfect. PERFECT. For my current inner state…it is such a powerful comfort & clarifier for me. (cont...)
      • The first day I took it I actually felt happy- without feeling a 1,000 pound weight on my shoulders." E.R., Talent, OR
      • "Just wanted to say that we've been using your flower essences in shamanic practice on ourselves and clients. (cont...)
      • They have been phenomenal at preparing the person for deep work and with integration afterwards. The Sunflower Spiral is a lovely connection between sky and earth." practitioner in Boulder, CO
      • "This past weekend I used your essences for my Reiki II class. We muscle tested to see which Essences each individual needed before the attunement and then after. (cont...)
      • It was an incredible experience for everyone. Is anyone else doing this? I'd love to get feedback." G.B., North Hampton, NH

      The NEW Sunflower Spiral

      Finding our place in a rapidly evolving dynamic

      This Flower Essence combination sings a song of encouragement, “Don’t lose faith. Help is here. Things are going better than they look. You are doing better than you think. Keep shining your light. It matters. You can do it. You are doing it. Feel the energy underneath the chaos. Yes! Healing is happening.”

      The Venus Garden is planted with a new mandala each season. In the quiet of fall we share our concerns with the Angels and Elementals and ask them to design gardens that will help as many animals and people as possible. After the Winter Solstice the Angels give us the garden plans. These plans reflect what they know about what we need and also what support we’ve asked for. In these plans, there is always a design for the highest vibration garden at the farm, the one we call the Venus Garden.

      At this year’s Solstice in December of 2017, the Angels gave us a design for the Venus Garden that they nicknamed “ We Eight Done Yet. ” Then several months later right before the Spring Equinox, they told me that this design had done what it was supposed to do, and they were giving us a whole new design for the Venus Garden.

      This had never happened before in over thirty years of partnership. It felt auspicious. I believed it indicated that things are evolving very fast and the Angels are focused on giving us the most fine tuned and relevant support possible.

      The second plan was a design for a new Sunflower Spiral. The Angels used the word new, but mostly I heard Sunflower Spiral and thought how wonderful it would be to have more inventory of this much loved Flower Essence from the 2001 version of the Venus Garden which we had just run out of.

      As with the original Sunflower Spiral, we were asked to plant Sunflowers in a spiral of ascending height. We grew the Sunflowers in the greenhouse in peat pots then planted them with miniature sunflowers like Big Smile on the outside gradually moving up in height to the center with its twelve foot Russian Mammoths. This was the last moment when this garden looked or felt anything like the original Sunflower Spiral garden.

      Like us humans, gardens, even of the same design, evolve too. I shouldn’t have been so surprised that the new iteration of the Sunflower Spiral was more powerful than the original. Hand in glove with the Angels’ intention of giving us the most helpful vibrational support possible, was the fact that the Elementals were focused on raising the vibration at the farm so that higher vibration gardens were possible (For a description of who the heck I am talking about when I say Angels and Elementals, you’ll find an article called Green Hope Farm Flower Essences Vocabulary 101 and several other articles about Angels & Elementals on the resource page of our website).

      This year the Elementals gave me an upgrade of the land clearing process I have been doing here for thirty years. Using this upgrade (described in a June 20, 2018 blog post) resulted in higher vibrations within the Green Hope Farm energy grid, higher vibration gardens and a burgeoning population of wild animals in residence all settling in because it felt so good to be here.

      The increased number of deer, squirrels, foxes, raccoons, opossums, chipmunks, bears, moose, mice, voles, moles, insects and all bird life indicated the earth, air, water, fire, and ether energies of the GHF energy grid felt better to the animals. The plant life as part of the earth energy was filled with more light which the animals did not fail to notice.. They ate pretty much everything that dared show itself above ground and some things that were below ground too. Who knew deer were so good at digging up carrots? After a few temper tantrums (some in blog form!) I accepted that vegetables were not the harvest of the summer but a higher vibration was. I let the tattered Venus Garden go and did not expect to harvest an Essence from its well-munched Sunflower specimens.

      Unexpectedly, late in the season, the Sunflower Spiral roared back to life. By September, gnawed, “lifeless” stalks of Sunflowers threw new shoots that blossomed into full flower, and many, many colorful Nicotianas volunteered (as in they arrived of their own volition) and encircled the Sunflowers to lift them up in revived glory. The Nicotiana plant sisterhood reflected the often unseen but steady help we continually receive as we spiral towards a full experience of our Divinity. If we were the Sunflower plants, tattered but resolute, the Nicotianas were the Angels completely there with us.

      Throughout the season, what the garden looked like never reflected what was going on. At some point when the garden still looked half dead, all of us began to feel there was something amazing about the Sunflowers that had persisted. They had a strength and grit and humor that we all remarked upon. When the Angels asked us to make a Flower Essence from the radiant Sunflower survivors, we all felt strongly that we should go for it. The Angels said the New Sunflower Spiral would be a stronger remedy than the original Sunflower Spiral, and we felt this would be true.

      During September the Angels, Elementals and us humans worked on this combination Flower Essence. I intended to take a photo of the revived garden, but I kept forgetting to do so. Then it was too late. No sooner was the Flower Essence complete than the squirrels went nuts eating all the Sunflower blossoms. I had never seen squirrels even vaguely interested in Sunflowers, so them chewing off the Flowers and racing to the woods was unexpected as well as odd. I was just glad we had made the Flower Essence in time to have actual FLOWERS for the Essence!

      -Consider this Essence to firmly ground you in the truth that we are evolving, and it is going better than it looks. Our light WILL prevail.
      -Consider this Essence if you feel alone and want to more clearly feel the supportive beings that are with you. You are so loved! Let this remedy remind you of this!
      -Consider this Essence if you waver in confidence, hope or optimism in the face of the surface chaos around us.
      -Consider this Essence if you need an energetic boost to keep going.
      -Consider this Essence if you want reassurance it’s not crazy to feel it is going to turn out okay. It IS going to turn out okay, and this Essence helps ground us unapologetically in this truth

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each