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      The Gate Beautiful

      What you've shared with us
      • "The 2020 Essences are truly beyond words support and wayfinding allies of clarity, intention and uplift." P.L., VA

      The Gate Beautiful

      Helps us cross the threshold once and for all from dense three dimensional living to the vibrant fifth. The word for beautiful in Greek means, “in the right time.” It is the right time

      The Venus Garden sits tucked inside a horseshoe of office building, farmhouse and barn- both protected yet somehow also rising above the fray of daily life to express its wisdom and truth.

      This year we’ve renovated the barn to make a living space for Elizabeth and her two children. The “we” is almost 100% Jim who spent his “summer vacation” from the classroom rebuilding the barn into a home. One thing we knew going into the construction was that at any time during the garden season, we could expect a crew to come dig a trench from the barn to farmhouse for electrical, water and septic lines. Because this trench would likely dig up part if not all of the Venus Garden, the Angels had us grow all the plants for this season’s garden in a multitude of clay pots.

      Petunias in shades of pink, purple and white mixed with Daturas, scented Geraniums, Sweet Alyssum, Mehera Marigolds and Thyme. They were joined by “volunteer” Verbena Bonariensis, Cosmos, Bells of Ireland, Blue Vervain, and Nicotiana in a saucy and playful movable feast. At the center, 13 pots of Mehera Marigolds encircled an immense planter of Thyme representing an unusual variation of numbers on a clock face. The Angels had me turn the pots in a unique rhythm and also had me place a statue of St. Francis in the garden for many weeks. Then one day the bulldozer, excavator and skid steer with jackhammer arrived for the digging. I offered to move the pots, but the men said they would try and work around the garden.

      All around the property was the uproar of trenches being dug and blasted, dirt and shards of bedrock being pile high and other gardens experiencing necessary destruction. A new septic system was required by the town planning board and this necessitated a road being created on the property down through the hayfield where an even bigger excavator tore up the earth to remove our old system and lay down another. Dump trucks, bulldozers and excavators in all directions left our toddler grandson Henry giddy with joy.

      It was hard to miss that our little microcosm reflected the macrocosm. 2020 = upheaval and change. In order to move the place forward and expand the farm to house another family, we had to dig the whole place up. So too in the macrocosm.

      When the construction threatened forty years of energy work in the Venus Garden, people and spirit conspired to leave it intact and unscathed, yet dug deep all around the garden. This is the first garden where we grounded the fifth dimension, and it remains sacred ground. The workmen felt this and heroically maneuvered their lumbering equipment around the garden in surgically precise moves. Always there was an energy of orchestrated mess preserving the essential, not purposeless destruction.

      Another occurrence that uplifted me with confidence that in both the microcosm and the macrocosm the light in all of us will prevail is what I saw one afternoon as Henry and I sat down in the hayfield observing the excavator dig as fast as Mike Mulligan and Mary Ann. Rising up above the site towered an enormous Angel radiating a pink light. In this mess as with all our messes, the wisest most loving part of ourselves is there overseeing it all and ever ushering us towards healing and conscious unity.

      One day, as the staff leaped across ditches and climbed piles of dirt to find an unscathed place to eat lunch, Jen coined the phrase “necessary mess” to describe the scene. We have found it apt for the macrocosm too. Here and elsewhere, things are a mess but a necessary mess, one that will move us forward and one that we are not navigating alone. Yes, when we signed on to be down on Earth during this time, the discussion in heavenly classrooms before incarnation probably sounds too weird to be believed. Perhaps some of us tuned out the caveat about 2020. Who can blame us? We were psyched to get back down and help be part of this incredible shift of ages and probably didn’t pause overmuch to consider how challenging some of this would actually be. But it’s okay. We are doing it. We will prevail. And so many light beings are working together as a part of us to take us all forward on this beeline to unity consciousness and a New Earth.

      And so, I finish with just a bit more about the Essence created before, during and after upheaval skirted the edge of this year’s Venus Garden. The Gate Beautiful. In Greek, the word for beautiful also means “at the right time.” An earlier version of the Gate Beautiful was part of the Temple of Jerusalem destroyed in AD 70 by the Romans. With the clock face and the centerpiece of Thyme, this garden is layered with vibrational data about time and the different way time is experienced in the fifth dimension. While I do not know all the ways the Gate Beautiful introduces us to fifth dimensional time and helps us make sense of it, I know it does this and that this is the right time for this introduction.

      Even more importantly, this Flower Essence combination helps us dismantle any threshold guardians within us as well as those forces outside ourselves who would delay us on our way to fifth dimensional life. It speaks to our souls, knowing that it is the right time to walk through the Gate Beautiful to a new life here on Earth. There are many who have stood at the threshold trying to scare us off with false notions that we don’t deserve to evolve or that humankind can’t evolve or that we will have to to drop our bodies in order to evolve. Not true. The Gate is here. Now! Nothing can stop us. The Gate Beautiful celebrates the moment and supports us to feel strong enough in self love and courage to walk on through.

      -Not only does this Essence help us through the gate, it helps us be the gate.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each