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      The Dhuni Fire

      The Dhuni Fire

      A sacred fire of purification and love releasing bindings that keeps us from knowing who we really are

      The Venus Garden is the energetic engine of the farm. Its garden mandala, designed by the Angels, changes from year to year, always building energies that support us in profound ways. Some years the Angels do not tell me the name or theme of the Venus Garden until I make a combination Flower Essence from all its Flowers at the Autumn Equinox. Sometimes I figure out the theme because of what happens at the farm during the growing season. In 2023 they told me in January that the name of the garden was the Dhuni Fire. What I knew about Dhuni Fires could have fit on the head of a pin. I vaguely recalled that Dhuni Fires were a traditional Hindu fire of purification. I also knew that once a month, Meher Baba had a Dhuni Fire at his home in India. I had no idea what Dhuni Fires were meant to burn.

      In early June, still uncertain what a Dhuni Fire was, I planted the garden mandala as designed by the Angels with seedlings I had grown in the greenhouse. From the beginning, the garden was extraordinarily vibrant and beautiful. This was in stark contrast to a summer of extreme weather in which skies were gray with smoke and ash from wildfires in Canada. Day after day the sunlight was strangely muted as if we were underwater. Our eyes and lungs burned. The immense fires burned without ceasing. Rain also fell almost continuously, yet these deluges were unable to clear the skies of smoke.

      The Dhuni Fire garden was a counterpoint to the fires. Could we embrace its fire of sacred love and purification and find a new balance of the fire element that didn’t involve burning forests? The garden said, “YES.” It shared a vibration of sacred love that could revitalize us and the Earth without the destruction of actual fire. It offered itself as a healing balm to those of us feeling burnt by life and a vibrational model for a shift from the destruction of the fire element raging across the planet to a more constructive, life affirming one.

      To back up a moment, what was the design of this garden and what did the garden look like? The design was a spiral beginning in the center with fiery red Flowers. Flame colored Torch Flowers, rusty red and chocolate brown Sunflowers, scarlet Castor Bean Flowers and statuesque Lion’s Ears soared into space from the heart of the garden. As the spiral began its outward journey, many shades of pink Nicotianas, red Zinnias and Rubenza Cosmos swirled to meet a sea of orange and yellow Zinnias and Marigolds, salmon pink Four O’Clocks, and a “short” variety of golden Sunflowers, one of which grew to fifteen feet tall. The Queen Orange Zinnias had a particular radiance, mellowing the fiery tones without dulling the display. The outer rim of the spiral was white Flowers including a vibrant display of Mehera Marigolds, Chamomile, white Nicotianas, Daturas and white Snapdragons. The Flowers mixed in unexpected ways and each day brought surprising new combinations. While the rest of the gardens showed signs of stress from too much water, too much smoke and too little sunlight, this garden had a vitality like nothing I had seen in a long time. Each morning I circled this garden in silent wonder.

      A very tall birch pole set in the center had streamers coming from the top of the pole out to the edges of the garden. This gave the garden an under the big top feeling. The way the streamers embraced the entire garden communicated that everything in this garden belonged and was part of a whole. The spiral might take us outwards to a higher vibration as embodied by the Meheras, but the fire at the center of the garden was a necessary part of the journey.

      Sometimes we walk in the valleys, and there is no view. This garden was a moment on a snow capped peak. Expansive. Exhilarating. Inspiring. It shouted, “Hang in there. Keep going. We’re with you. It’s going to be infinitely better than you can imagine.” The Dhuni Fire’s unwinding from flame colored Flowers to the pure love vibration of the radiant Meheras Marigolds demonstrated that engaging in right use of the fire element is its own orderly process, leading us purposely to a new and wonderful experience of self. As a Flower Essence, it now offers us an energetic role model for our way forward to this more unburdened and enlightened experience of self. Here’s what the Angels had to say about the necessity of this sacred fire and what needs to be tossed into the flames:

      “You exist in completeness as one with Divinity. Earth is your stage set for bringing this truth from the unconscious to consciousness. When you know who you are, you are awake from a slumber in unreality. Earth is the school where you awake and understand the unreality of everything else but your true self. Illusion is what you release and burn. These illusions are stored in your subconscious, and they run interference on you consciously realizing your true self. Burning these illusions is your way forward.

      Many of your illusions suggest you need to collect things or experiences or become something more to be whole. These are the kind of illusions you need to throw in the Dhuni Fire. There is nothing to gather on your way to God realization. Instead you let everything go but your true identity. There is nothing to fix because nothing is broken. There is no need to become anything, because you already are everything.

      Energetic “alarm clocks” to awaken you to this truth come in many forms. God realized spiritual teachers are a kind of alarm clock. They know how to wake you up. To love them and follow their guidance helps stir you from sleep. Flower Essences bring another kind of wake-up call with this Dhuni Fire Essence offering you a poke in the ribs. The Dhuni Fire Essence provides you a vibrational energy that spirals you out of illusion towards your eternal self. It offers you a map to grasp reality and abandon illusion. If you are footsore and weary of this spiritual journey, despairing and confused, The Dhuni Fire Essence picks you up, revives your sense of purpose and speeds you on your way with a clearer sense of direction and the solace of knowing you are loved and not alone in this journey. This Essence and its garden offer a keyhole which expands and blooms in your consciousness, bringing the very vibration you need in order to let go, let illusions burn and rise up to know yourself.

      A Dhuni Fire is a fire of divine love, awakening you to all you are. Come, let this Dhuni Fire help you lay down the unreal and experience your true self.”


      Caster Bean, Chamomile, Datura, Four O'Clocks, Horehound, Lion's Ear, Moldavian Dragonhead, Mehera Marigolds, Nicotianas in pink and white, Orange Marigolds, Orange Benary Zinnias Queen Orange Zinnias, Red Benary Zinnias, Rubenza Cosmos, Sunflowers in many shades of gold, rusty red and brown, Sweet Allysum, Tithonia Torch Flower, White Snapdragons, Yellow Marigolds, Yellow Mullein, Yellow Benary Zinnias,

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each