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      Sunflower, Helianthus

      I AM God, a chalice of wisdom, power and love in perfect and balanced action.

      Sunflower, Helianthus

      Owning our divinity

      If we awoke one morning to find we had been cast as the hero of a real life drama in which we must save the planet, this would be the Essence to put in our super hero kit.

      A specific story about Sunflower from the summer of 2023 when Sunflower helped us create the Dhuni Fire Venus Garden Essence and upped its vibrational game in its own Essence: In a summer without much sun, Sunflower called us to be our own inner Suns. While some plants struggled with this dearth of sunlight, the Sunflowers glowed with radiant inner light. In September, a particularly vibrant, extremely tall Sunflower in the Dhuni Garden began to lean way out from the garden towards the Green Hope Farm office as if to reach out and embrace us all. Covered in blossoms fifteen feet up and unlike any Sunflower we had ever seen, we wondered how this plant had arrived in the garden and treasured its loving embrace of us. For a week we watched it reach further and further out across the space towards human community. It simply did not care that reaching out might bring its own end. And one evening, during a downpour in a summer of downpours, this glorious Sunflower snapped off in total willingness to give all to the cause.

      Sunflower reminds us we are the superheroes in this tale. We too can work together and reach beyond ourselves to give our all. Sunflowers know no limit and ask us to embody this as well. New models of community and an expansive experience of self are the harvest of the Dhuni Fire. Sunflower helps us know we can inhabit these new roles rising from the ashes. Why is this so? When you burn up all unreality, what remains is both nothing and everything. Yes, in one sense there is nothing left of the illusions we once carried, but in another sense, you are now everything. The Sunflower helps us inhabit the everything of our eternal self.

      -Sunflower Essence ignites a fire within us so we know we are the superheroes in our life. Firmly planted in this identity, we can cocreate new kinds of community, confident these models of selfless service and inspired creativity will catch fire and birth a New Earth.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each