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      Rosa Glauca, Rosa Glauca

      I AM a lighthouse penetrating fog with focused love.

      What you've shared with us
      • "My friend Janice has several Maine Coon cats. One of them...recently acted as though he was terrified of something... Saturday I made a formula for him. He tested for 12 (drops) Nuuphretia Lavarissa, 4 Recovery and 4 Rosa Glauca. I felt like the first 2 really fit the picture but I wondered about the Rosa Glauca until I spoke with my friend tonight... (cont...)
      • I learned she connected with an animal communicator this morning who told her all of a sudden her cat had double vision but that it would eventually clear up. Well no wonder the poor guy was terrified. We were both amazed when I read her your description. "The essence helps us find focus and clear sightedness." G.M., Rutherford, NJ
      • "Soon after I placed my order with you, I had a presentation to give at a school district on the topic of self injury. I was sure to take my essences before I left (Lantana Involucrata, Rosa Glauca, Nasturtium and Arbor Garden). I wasn't nervous at all.(cont...)
      • I received the warmest welcome I had ever received from a group of strangers, too! I gave my speech, let the energy flow through my words and was well received. In the end I found out that there were two administrators there, and that they wanted me to apply for the open school counseling position." anonymous
      • "Oh my goodness, Rosa Glauca and Eyebright have been tremendously helpful friends for me! I am badly nearsighted and have struggled with cloudy, goopy vision for years. The kind of goopy where I would have to blink several times and maybe even wash my eyes out with saline in order to see through the muck. (Literally and psychically!) Rosa Glauca cleared that up immediately. The first time we interacted, it was like a soft, pink blanket for my mind and brain and inner/outer eyes. With the both of them, I feel like I don't have to concentrate so hard to "see" internally, either. I have more internal focus which translates into greater external focus and discernment." A., Seattle, WA

      Rosa Glauca, Rosa Glauca

      Clear vision and focus

      Rosa Glauca Essence brings clarity and love to cloudy situations. It helps us find focus and clear sightedness.

      Rosa Glauca helps us look inward to focus on our imperishable inner divinity, explaining, " It is no joke that what lies behins us and whay lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

      -Helpful when we are having any sort of difficulty with our eyesight or are having a hard time seeing our way through any situation.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each