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      Rosa Gallica, Rosa Gallica

      I AM the full expression of my light.

      Rosa Gallica, Rosa Gallica

      Foundation, Anchoring to the immutable heart of the Earth and our own inner being

      This is an ancient mother Rose from which many other Roses descended including Charles de Mills Rose. For centuries Rosa Gallica was grown for its medicinal uses, thus it is also known as the Apothecary's Rose.

      Right now, as we seek a new collective way to be in relationship with Earth, Rosa Gallica helps us establish and improve the interface between our own electrical system and the electrical grid of Earth. More specifically it helps us align and ground to the heart of the Earth versus the surface of the Earth. This is a purer, deeper connection to our planetary home and one that is more stable and supportive for both us and the Earth than when we ground to the surface of the Earth. To understand why this is so, consider how a heartfelt connection with another person is more profound than a surface connection.

      In addition as many Earth bound realities we once considered permanent dissolve away, Rosa Gallica helps us reorient ourselves. It grounds us in our own inner being as the timeless foundation from which to relate to the whole. Rosa Gallica knows our true self is a foundation so much stronger and more imperishable than anything we could find in the external world.

      -By helping us plug into the electrical grid of the heart of the Earth, Rosa Gallica helps us be more present, more effective, more grounded, more light filled and more in the flow of our lives.
      -The Angels included this Rose in their Angel Set for Abundance as well as the Going Inward Rose Set explaining, 'Rosa Gallica sets the stage so that all good things can flow into your world.'

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each