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      Rain of Gold, Thryallis glauca

      I AM a child of God therefore I AM worthy of God's total abundant love and generosity.

      What you've shared with us
      • One year of my informational presence will transform the receiver so that s/he will feel deserving of abundance in all forms." L.B. , Deerfield, MA
      • "(What Rain of Gold said to me,) "Everyone needs me. Your beliefs about abundance are so distorted, we flowers are appalled. Carry one bottle of my essence all day long for one year. (cont...)
      • "I love you guys. I made a mistake regarding the price and you made it right for me AND sent me the PERFECT extra choice- Rain of Gold! How did you know I just so happened to be working on the desire for more abundance in my life? Spirit moves in mysterious ways." K.M., Seattle, WA
      • "Thank you for sending the flower essences so quickly! They arrived this morning and my two daughters swarmed around me as I opened the box. My younger daughter asked for the Rain of Gold and told me she wanted it for a month. (cont...)
      • For the next several minutes we each tried all of them…Such busy lives we lead! We are living through a difficult time and it is so soothing to have the flower essences to carry us along." E.C., Fairview, TN

      Rain of Gold, Thryallis glauca


      Rain of Gold is a veritable flood of wisdom about abundance. Abundance is a natural condition of being. Abundance is offered to us in an abundant number of ways in an abundant number of situations. Rain of Gold tunes us to this truth and helps us experience this abundance more, well, abundantly!

      -Helps dismantle a scarcity mindset.
      -Helps to remove blockages from our energy system that might try and tell us it is not spiritual to have abundance flow into our lives.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each