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      Queen of the Night, Trichocereus pachanoi

      I AM the way forward.

      What you've shared with us
      • "WOW!!!! I've been using Mustard, Watch Your Back and Queen of the Night for two days now and my light is back on and my relationship with life is connected in a new way...I feel your pure intent in these gifts of the flowers. It's helping me so much." J.P., MA

      Queen of the Night, Trichocereus pachanoi


      Queen of Night is a cactus from the Andes of Peru with a lot of personality. Working with her feels very much like being taken under the wing of a very wise crone. She blooms at night and her stunning white Flower lasts only a few hours. Her Essence brings us a single pointed focus in times of darkness or lack of clarity. Much like a match flaring in total dark, Queen of Night illuminates where we are and helps us navigate forward across any terrain we are hesitant to cross. Her light literally unknots and dissolves complications. It is focused and wise.

      -As a plant extract, Queen of Night is used by Peruvian shamans for spiritual quests and to help pinpoint the nature of a disease process in an individual. This quality of discernment is part of her gifts as a Flower Essence, but she goes further still. She also shows the way to unravel the issue underlying any distress, helping us find our way forward unburdened into an experience of greater light.
      - The Angels suggest this as the remedy to use at the new moon during each lunar cycle.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each