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      Pink Mulla Mulla, Ptilotus Exaltatus "Joey"

      I AM Love embraced and cherished by Love itself.

      Pink Mulla Mulla, Ptilotus Exaltatus "Joey"

      A palpable reminder that our lovableness was never in question. We are loved more than we can imagine, and we are ever held in the loving embrace of Divinity.

      This wonderful Flower Essence, Pink Mulla Mulla, gets right to the point,

      “I release you into a flood of love moving through every fiber of your being. I am a delicate surgeon. I go into places where love has not gone in a long, long time and open the passageways. I work so gently, but I go so deep. I will help those with very old wounds that they are not lovable. I release the wound that you have ever been unnoticed by Divinity. You are and always were loved, always safe, always in Divinity’s complete embrace. I ease those illusions to the surface so that the light of creation can release them once and for all. Illusions go like chips of ice melting in the hot sun. It is done.

      I have serious plant medicine.

      I was an early Flower Essence in ancient Lemuria. Later I could be found in the dry bush of Australia. My necessary and recent diaspora was accomplished by plant nurseries. Now I can be found everywhere. My expanding presence is because my time has come. The planetary energies are up. The old wounds that you are unlovable and abandoned are ripe for release. I go deep into your memory body where you stored these erroneous ideas and release them to the surface so they can be transmuted into light once and for all.”

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each