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      Phoenix Rising

      I AM life reborn. I AM pure love found again in your heart. I AM everything you look for and more.

      What you've shared with us
      • Thanks to you and the Angels for the wonderful description. I was thankful to send that "Stranger" on her way." K.E., Stowe VT
      • "A few days after taking (Phoenix Rising) I had a wonderful intense dream of a sky full of birds. I was right in the middle of it all then moved off to the side to watch. (cont...)
      • It was so powerful I woke up feeling it was the Essence dreaming with me." C.P., Grand Rapids, MI
      • "Lots of intense energy around me yesterday afternoon. It was awful & I wasn't sure what to do. About 9 pm or so, I remembered the Phoenix Rising Essence. (cont...)
      • "Phoenix Rising has really supported me in burning off a lot of old karma, and with much delight, re-acquainted me with the 5th dimensional realm. I was once so connected, but a decade ago, my awareness of it was disconnected due to a car accident that affected my abilities to perceive, think and feel. (cont...)
      • It was like coming home again to be very conscious of this connection...It helped me piece together a long lost piece of the puzzle. It was exactly the housecleaning I had ordered and supported me greatly!" D.B., RI
      • "I have just sat with all my Green Hope Farm material & read about each of the essences the angels recommended with great rushes of recognition in my heart & floods of tears of joy. (cont...)
      • I feel known and supported in the midst of this period of struggle & grief for all the ways I've felt lost or gone awry. Each description spoke so fully, it was as if we were reaching towards each other with all the joy & yearning of old friends who have rediscovered one another. (cont...)
      • When I finally got to Phoenix Rising I thought I would explode with the mix of emotions called forth even by reading the description." P.K., WA
      • "This helped to smooth the extreme 'rawness' that I felt inside from all the old stuff being ripped away. It feels like a soothing balm on irritated skin. It also helps with 'dark night of the soul' moments. I experienced a 'dark night of the soul' period, but for the first time it wasn't a grueling affair. (cont...)
      • I know it's due to the essences. With all the ones that I'm taking right now, this 'dark night' episode was nearly painless. For once, I actually didn't mind the experience that would otherwise leave me really depressed, nervous and feeling 'raw' inside. (cont...)
      • But this time, it was really 'smoothed out' and things just 'flowed' inside- much to my relief. This time the psyche- the body didn't mind letting go." anonymous
      • "I have used Phoenix Rising time and time again during these past few years of stress, and it has made a tremendous difference in my energy level and in my ability to recover in less time from adrenal fatigue." S.S., Gloversville, NY

      Phoenix Rising

      Phoenix Rising is for situations of burnout, illusion busting, fiery cleansings and recovery after firestorms. It shares with us the wise overview and deep faith of the bird kingdom and the knowledge that fire purifies even as it seems to destroy

      The Angels tell us, 'The promise of the firebird and of this precious Essence is that you are not alone in your suffering or in a wasteland of purposeless burning but in a fire of purification. A new life awaits you. Let these fires bring their gifts and you will be set free. Let this Essence ignite, soothe, comfort and restore.'

      -When you need uplift after firestorms, currents moving you into an updraft of hope, peace and acceptance, reach for this Essence.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each