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      Pear, Pyrus communis

      I AM one with the music of all creation.

      What you've shared with us
      • "Since beginning to use essences last June, I have moved into a much more powerful and positive place in my life. I am a singing teacher and working with the Flower Essences has opened my understanding of the nature of the human voice and its connection to the electrical system in many fascinating ways that I am just beginning to understand." C.A., Ithaca, NY
      • "I am a singer in an all female madrigal group. One day, while singing at a Renaissance Festival, one of the ladies in our group gave us all a few drops of Pear Essence, explaining how it healed with sound. Throughout the day, we felt more connected with each other, and vocally sounded better as a result." A.R., Auburn, NY
      • "Last night we had our monthly community dance- we created our altar and put 3 drops of Pear in our water- the energy was up. The people connected on stage and dancing- our family (was) joyful in the music. Thank you Pear." M.S., Cerrillos, NM
      • "I've ben feeling and hearing the Angels and Elementals. That's the first thing that cleared up when I started my new essences- Cosmos, Pear, Golden Armor and Watermelon- I have been unable to hear for awhile now and then suddenly the inner sky opened and I could interact consciously." J.P., MA

      Pear, Pyrus communis

      Harmony in human community, enhances healing from sound vibrations

      Pear helps us collectively rise above personality reactions to find our common purposes and a genuine sense of community, no matter what has gone before. Pear also helps spiritualize the intentions of any group endeavor. Pear works best when everyone in a group takes the Essence at group meetings.

      -Pear also helps us to receive healing from sound.
      -Excellent for musicians or healers working with music or sounds of any kind.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each