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      What you've shared with us
      • "Our client Casper, the cockatoo, is feeling much less nippy since he started taking Outburst essence. This is a big relief to his family and friends whom he was biting!" P.L., Richmond, VA
      • "My dog, Buddie, was experiencing such severe outbursts after his trauma that the vet wanted me to consider putting him down. His outbursts were not always predictable, and he was biting and snapping, so he was becoming quite dangerous, at least to me. (cont...)
      • My naturopath suggested the flowers… You were gracious enough to give me Beech, Anxiety and Outburst. Since he has been on the flowers about a month now, he has only had 2 episodes and both resulted in less than 10 seconds of growling before he got control of himself. I want my dog to have a long, healthy, quality-filled life full of fun and joy. The flowers are assisting me to give him that." J.M., Duluth, GA
      • "Bless your heart! I gave my parrot companion Merlin his first dose of Outburst, New Beginning and Home Away from Home around 3 this afternoon and here it is bedtime and he's actually being quiet and good. This is amazing- I never expected it to work so quickly." B.B., Bath, ME
      • "I have four cats and Outburst is solving the bullying problem that developed this year. And to think, the vet wanted me to give Marvin "the bully" away. I am keeping the faith that more people will open up to the beauty and benefits of vibrational medicine." J.H., Chapel Hill, NC
      • "I really enjoy using your essences and the Outburst helped clear up a rash that my dermatologist could not!" J.B., Bremerton, WA
      • "We have an order to place for our spaniel, Daniel- Outburst, the large bottle. Thanks to you, he's been seizure free for 8 months." L.W. OH
      • "After taking Outburst, our cat Maya has improved dramatically and is behaving more like a normal kitty. Most of her obsessive behaviors are gone and she now sleeps and socializes with us and the other furry babies." G.M., VA
      • "My two cats, Sweetie and Joker, have been out-of-control the past month—a little aggressive and destructive, clawing furniture and racing around the house uncontrollably. They were in the act when I walked through the door with the box of essences Friday evening. (cont...)
      • I immediately rubbed 4 drops of Outburst on each cat and within five minutes both were their calm, sweet, loving selves again! Needless to say I was very encouraged by this and took a dose of essences that I felt were most appropriate for me in that moment, and I'm thrilled to report I also most definitely experienced similar spectacular effects in just as little time." L.W., Brooklyn, NY
      • I wanted to let you know that we've been treating our three peacocks with your essences and they seem to have worked a treat. It's mating season so our three boys have been strutting their stuff and getting a bit fractious with each other, especially when they're penned up in the evening before they go to bed. We started giving them Outburst and Anxiety last week and they are best friends again! So thank you! E.A., Wales, UK


      Animals as well as many people especially children act as sponges, absorbing negativity wherever they go. It is easy for this group to collect too much negativity and get electrically overcharged. If they cannot find a way to discharge this negativity constructively, they will do it destructively. They often need support to release this electrical overcharge. This remedy helps them discharge electrical overcharges in a benign way.

      -Consider this one for outbursts of any kind in animals or people.
      -Addresses issues of aggression, outbursts of a violent or inappropriate nature such as temper tantrums, behaviors that are unexpected, out of character or unacceptable.
      -Helps curb any unproductive release of pent up emotions through destructive physical activity by moving the energy out of our systems in alternative ways.
      -Helps people hold their tongues and animals refrain from biting.
      -Helps with explosive body reactions including skin eruptions, rashes, inflammations, headaches or fevers.


      Bloodroot, Black Currant, Bunchberry, Comfrey, Crab Apple, Dandelion, Dogberry, Eggplant, Epimedium, Hardhack, Indian Pipe, Lavender, Lilac, Maltese Cross, Mary Queen of Scots Rose, Orange, Orange Hawkweed, Pennyroyal, Red Clover, Red Rugosa Rose, Royal Ponciana, Screw Pine, Snapdragon, Spiderwort, St. John's Wort, Trillium, White Yarrow, Wild Columbine

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each