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      Orange, Citrus sinensis 'Valencia'

      I AM the light of God in this situation and therefore all is resolved peacefully and with love.

      What you've shared with us
      • "I notice when I take Orange, if I'm getting really angry at someone it helps diffuse the "time bomb" so it is really good for anger." G.P., PA

      Orange, Citrus sinensis 'Valencia'

      Calms emotions in heated situations

      Orange Essence is like oil on troubled waters. It offers vital calming information to the emotional body when we find ourselves agitated, frightened or unable to de-escalate our feelings about events.

      -Helps when we find ourselves in the middle of explosive interpersonal dramas or full of volcanic emotions.
      -Helps us calm down when we are caught up in fiery emotional debates, especially polarized debates about issues of sexuality.
      -Helps release tensions and brings calm to any situation where there are intense emotional entanglements either between individuals or in regards to certain issues.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each