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      Nuuphretia Lavarissa, Dahlia 'Alfred Grille'

      I AM centered in the light therefore I AM my complete freedom from all fear.

      What you've shared with us
      • "Thank you for getting the Essences to me so quickly. As soon as I opened the box I could feel the love pouring out. My son picked 2 essences to use last night, listened with his heart and applied drops to his head. He showed immediate reverence for the process. We expect much success with using the essences. (cont...)
      • I accompanied a dear friend to court today and brought along the bottle of Nuuphretia Lavarissa. We could both sense a difference in her after she shared its energy." R.S., La Grangeville, NY
      • "As I was dowsing in my healing circle this am, "The Dahlia Lama," Nuuphretia Lavarissa showed up to affirm my totally fearless love for my husband's family." T.G., S. Burlington, VT
      • "Spirit drew me to find your Guide again... The description of Violet Transmuting Flame Violet called to me, so did Nuuphretia LaVarissa. When your package arrived today my 13-year-old daughter stood right beside me, eagerly excited as I opened the box. (cont...)
      • I realized that Nuuphretia was not meant for me but for her! Spirit pendulum confirmed it!" S.M., Wyckoff, NJ

      Nuuphretia Lavarissa, Dahlia 'Alfred Grille'

      The comfort found in fearlessness

      Nuuphretia Lavarissa Essence tunes us to the flame of fearlessness. This flame helps us feel both courageous and comforted. The Angels note, 'Fear is the acceptance that there is an opposing force. Fearlessness is all light and no opposite.' Comfort indeed!

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each