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      New Beginnings

      What you've shared with us
      • "Abigail is happily settled in her new home- jumping on laps and purring constantly. Content Kitty sends you love and thank you." B.G., Somerville, MA
      • "The package arrived on Friday, and it was the first night Maia slept through the night. The New Beginnings is just a miracle. She is still feeling a bit skittish but has made a huge improvement." T.T., Siler City, NC
      • "Success story: Several weeks ago I adopted a cat from the local shelter that had been fostered...he was so shy, he hid under the bathroom vanity, but I began treating him with New Beginnings and Abandonment & Abuse. Since there were two other cats already in my house, everyone got New Beginnings in their drinking water. (cont...)
      • Lo and behold, after 3 days, Jake, the new cat, began to share himself. It is now about one month, and the transition between the 3 cats has been wonderful to see. Everyone is accepting everyone!! I think flower essences made the difference." S.S., Kinnelon, NJ
      • "Thank you so much for getting my order in the mail so quickly. I was then able to start giving my cat the New Beginnings several days before our move. I think it has really helped her to not be too traumatized by it all." C.M. Seattle, WA

      New Beginnings

      When a new person or animal joins the pack or when there is any change in the household, this remedy helps everyone to adjust to new roles, new circumstances and new pack dynamics. It helps everyone to live from a centered place of harmonious calm.

      -Excellent to give animals before, during and after a move.
      -Helpful when given to all animals in a household when a new animal or person joins the pack.


      Arbor Garden, Babies of Light, Butterfly Garden, Day Lily, Envy Green Zinnia, Gall of the Earth, Lavender, Morning Glory, Mutabilis Rose, Pale Pink Rose, Purple Sensation Allium, Red Mangrove, Red Rugosa Rose, Rose a Parfum de l'Hay, Snowdrop, Star of Bethlehem, Summer Snowflake, Snowdrop, Tree Peony, The Watchman, Will Baffin Rose, Witch Hazel

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each