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      Moldavian Dragonhead, Dracocephalum moldavica

      I AM a songline of happiness.

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      • "The 2020 Essences are truly beyond words support and wayfinding allies of clarity, intention and uplift." P.L., VA

      Moldavian Dragonhead, Dracocephalum moldavica

      Tender support for a discouraged heart. For moments when these unravelling times feel like too much and you need respite and relief

      The Elementals chose this one as a central note in the music of the Beeline garden. What a lovely new friend! Its abundant blue Flowers attract many kinds of Bees especially Bumblebees. We weren’t at all surprised when we learned that this plant is used extensively in Moldavia as an herbal tea to lift up a discouraged heart. We found it an uplifting presence in the garden.

      Consider this new friend if your heart is discouraged by your circumstances or the drama currently encircling us. This one sings of a deeper place of wholeness and holiness, It holds steadfast in truth as do so many blue Flowers, yet it also brings the courage of blue. It supports us to be our true blue self with serenity, quiet determination and unperturbable good cheer.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each