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      Mehera, Tagetes 'Snowdrift' and 'Snowvball'

      I AM single-minded love and devotion to God.

      What you've shared with us
      • "Let me tell you about a lovely experience I had with Mehera some months ago--Mehera isn't an essence that calls to me (in fact, it's only been this one instance that it has), but when it did, it was astounding! You name it-- and every button that could be pushed and everything that could get on the one nerve I had left happened that day-- and I laughed! (cont...)
      • All day!! I laughed so much that I kept remarking to friends and fellow therapists that I couldn't stop the joy that bubbled inside me. I remember thinking, "Wow-- if this is what devotion to (my heavenly) Mom and Dad (!) is like-- bring it on!" The world was just pure joy-- no matter what the circumstances that day. (cont...)
      • I guess bliss like that is meant to be a rare experience-- but memory, and the lesson (that I needn't change situations, only my perspective of them) linger on--and still I smile!" S.H., London, UK
      • "Big changes and shifts for me in the last 5 months. All lovely. At times dark. That's what we humans create and thank goodness for the loving support to release and move into mySelf more fully. I am grateful for all the help from the essences- as always- mostly grief and loss, field of stars lovelies and research list goodies. (cont...)
      • Mehera has helped me keep as tight a hold as I am able to on seeing and being in love throughout the process. Love for myself and the others involved- (and we're talking lifetimes of involvement and some of it ugly)." B.E., Wisconsin
      • "The Mehera Essence seems to be heart opening- more spontaneous thoughts going to God. That makes me happy and grateful." A.C., Woodside, NY

      Mehera, Tagetes 'Snowdrift' and 'Snowvball'

      Love and devotion to our Creator

      Mehera Flower Essence is made from white Marigolds. We grow Mehera Marigolds in our Venus Garden where they are a treasured presence. This Flower Essence is created in honor of Avatar Meher Baba's beloved female disciple Mehera Irani. She embodied the divine virtue of single-minded love and devotion to God. Mehera Essence carries this exquisite vibration of single-minded love and devotion to God. It offers itself to you as a tuning fork, which, like the sweetest of fragrances, calls you to awaken fully to love for our Creator.

      After the Angels asked us to name this Flower Essence for Mehera, we learned from Meheru, Mehera’s niece, that Mehera spent many years in her gardens in India trying to grow white Marigolds. She would save the palest Marigold seeds each year, hoping that eventually she would grow a white Marigold Flower. We are so happy to honor her memory by growing these white Marigolds and making this marvelous Essence.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each