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      Maple, Acer rubrum

      I AM God in balanced physical form.

      From our customers
      • "Thanks so much for the Flower Essences. I feel a quite profound re-balancing taking place- its as if I'm being rewired. It's particularly obvious on the days I don't take them. The difference is very noticeable." D.C., Moultonboro, NH
      • "Unbelievable: I order my Flower Essences on Monday afternoon around three and received them on Tuesday @ noon. . . This was even with our overnight 12" snowfall. I was thrilled. (cont...)
      • My six year old opened them up and chose Maple right away - then he said, "Oh I think I need another one" and proceeded to check for two more. He then put these in his own blue box and declared them his. I said 'Can we share them?' and he was great with that. I look forward to working with my newest allies." S.M., Jericho, VT

      Maple, Acer rubrum

      Balance, self love, trust, experiencing the sweet goodness of life

      This Essence shares the wisdom of a Maple tree to help us feel rooted in our lives, embraced by the expansive sky, nourished by the sweetness of life and at peace with self and all creation.

      -Balances yin and yang by helping us find the balance of the middle way.
      -Helps us tap into the sweet flow of confidence and trust in ourselves.
      -Supports us to make peace with our bodies and love unconditionally.
      -Reminds us that our circumstances don't define us, only God defines us.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $7.85 each
      2 oz. bottle, $27.00 each