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      Magnolia, Magnolia stellata, Magnolia grandiflora

      I AM the full integration of the new into my life and being.

      What you've shared with us
      • My husband and I have been dealing with a conflict with another person, and yesterday (the person) took actions to escalate the situation. Usually when anything on this issue comes up, I've instantly crumbled emotionally...This time I immediately went and filled a dropper with the essences and put them in a water bottle to sip all day. I felt no fear, very little sadness. Just calm and focus. I could literally sense Magnolia doing her part to ease me from the grip of stress. Instead of feeling alone and crushed, I felt the flowers reminding me of my origins, my oneness with creation, my oneness with my baby and the importance of focusing on my own health and that of my child over the clamor of other's agendas...all this to say I credit my being able to focus and rest at a crucial time to my new "flower midwives". They are showing themselves so needed and so much wiser than I had dared to dream." P.K., CA

      Magnolia, Magnolia stellata, Magnolia grandiflora


      Magnolia eases the stress newborns experience during birth and helps them merge body and soul fully, something that usually happens for the first time at birth. It is helpful for the mother to take before and during delivery and for the baby to receive right after birth and then for several weeks post-partum. Putting a drop on a baby's forehead is all that is necessary.

      -Supports the birth of any creative endeavor.
      -Helps ground the new in our lives.
      -Offers a different but equally supportive midwife energy at death.
      -Can be used to help us let go of anything that, for our well
      -being and growth, must die in our lives.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each