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      Loving What Is

      What you've shared with us
      • I am back in sync with the Violet Flame and Loving What Is. Thank you. Your support has been a truly spiritual comfort." C.H., Kent, WA
      • "My therapist gave me 'Loving What Is' 2 months ago, and I feel like my light body has shifted drastically-as though a big depression has lifted more fully than before." S., San Diego, CA

      Loving What Is

      Support to anchor our consciousness in our hearts instead of our minds

      When our minds rule our lives, they rule from databases of contradiction and confusion lacking any cohesiveness or unifying principle. This is because our minds are rag tag bundles of ideas collected from a myriad number of sources and necessarily rife with conflicting ideas that pull us in different directions.

      While the mind has no capacity to be in charge it still wants to be charge even at the cost of our happiness. It will not hesitate to throw a grocery list of worrying, fearful, guilt laden, contradictory and unhappy thoughts into our consciousness in order to stay in charge. To let our minds run our lives is self sabotage of the highest order. No matter what rises up from our minds as the right opinion of the day, it is always in conflict with other ideas we carry and therefore literally sets up a dynamic of constant inner conflict. The mind, when given the role of running our lives, literally divides us from ourselves.

      So what is the solution? As Einstein said, 'The consciousness that created the problem can't solve the problem.' The solution lies not in the mind but in the heart. It is in the terrain of the heart that we can love what is, sink into a consciousness that is not in conflict with any other consciousness and therefore find the peace and harmony we seek.

      This Essence helps us make this bold move to our hearts then stick with it no matter what our minds throw at us to try to gain back control. If we know the way to our hearts already, it supports us to live there more of the time. Our hearts are where we can relish our lives despite the fact that our lives have not gone according to our minds' plans or expectations. This is why this Essence is called, 'Loving What Is.'

      -When the mind is given the task of implementing the choices of the heart, it becomes an excellent tool of support. This is the only role appropriate for the mind.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $11.35 each
      2 oz. bottle, $36.00 each