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      Lion's Ear, Leonotis nepetifolia

      I AM the drum. I AM the drumbeat.

      What you've shared with us
      • "The 2020 Essences are truly beyond words support and wayfinding allies of clarity, intention and uplift." P.L., VA
      • "With Lion's Ear I have been able to connect with wise ones who have a very different perspective on the healing approach. They have pushed the boundaries on my standard protocols and moved me beyond etheric anatomy to the mechanisms of spiritual "respiration"...they are great advocate of plants and plant medicine. Such an education from a tiny bottle." H., Alexandria, VA

      Lion's Ear, Leonotis nepetifolia

      The Lion’s Ear collective of wise elders in spirit offers its protection and guidance via this Essence.

      The first time I encountered this Flower was in St John, USVI. While hiking on a twisty road, I had to leap into a ditch to avoid getting hit by a speeding jeep. Looking up from where I landed I found myself in a divine appointment with this Flower. Given how significant this Flower and its Essence have become to me, I am certain Lion’s Ear arranged for me to find it via this speeding car. I have never encountered this Flower anywhere else and only have it to offer now because I searched out seeds to grow it here in the gardens.

      I grew more serious about this Flower when a Flower Essence practitioner began to tell me her dreams about Lion’s Ear Essence. The deeper we explored this Flower Essence, the more it revealed itself as a tower of strength and advocacy for the Light within us. The more I learned the more aware I became of the immense and complex light energies aligned with this Essence.

      To work with this Flower Essence is to be welcomed into a circle of the wisest healers that have ever lived on this planet. I hesitate to suggest how this collective will manifest in your life. Like a complex crystal, this Essence refracts the light into many different traditions. Suffice it to say that currently many spiritual elders of the shamanic tradition gather to help usher us through this dimensional gateway to a new life. This Essence helps us attune to these elders and avail ourselves to their precious support. It is a rare invitation. I have found the shimmering collective of Lion’s Ears to be an enormous help in the work of ignoring “mosquitos” of all sizes and shapes and to keeping on with holding my light as best I can.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each