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      Lilac, Syringa

      I AM a pillar of strength in complete alignment with divine will.

      What you've shared with us
      • " I placed my order yesterday and here in my kitchen sit these messengers of hope, joy, peace, discovery, and transformation. My eyes went right to the bottle of Lilac amidst this cornucopia. I got out a beautiful wine glass, filled it with pure water, and added a drop. It feels like being reunited with a long lost childhood friend/soul mate. (cont...)
      • I grew up surrounded by lilacs. They grew abundantly in several hues, white, deep purple and violet. My father, apparently disturbed by their joyous abundance, would cut the trees back every few years. They came back more lush than ever. (cont...)
      • I remember now the deep ache I felt at their loss and the relief of seeing them reappear…I am grieving a bit over our decades long separation, yet reassured knowing we are back together. Thank you for reuniting me with this ancient soul of a friend." L.L., Ridgefield, CT
      • I Love Lilac! She started working with me as soon as the package was delivered, "Draw your shoulder back, make sure your foot massages the earth when you walk. Breathe deeply of life!" A.H., Seattle, WA

      Lilac, Syringa

      Alignment with divine will, perseverance with the divine plan

      Because Lilac holds the vibration of successful co-creation and constructive partnership between people and the intelligence in nature, Lilac Essence will help to keep any project we are undertaking in alignment with nature as well as the divine plan. Alignment is, in fact, the key word for Lilac in all regards. Lilac is an immense pillar of strength, supporting us to be in alignment with the divine blueprint for our lives.

      -Brings wisdom to all issues of the spine.
      -Helps with spinal alignment and also opens chakras for greater movement of light.
      -There are reasons folks feel so passionate about this Flower, see the longer definition to find out why!

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each