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      Ispahan Rose, Rosa Ispahan

      I AM certain of the truth of my situation and know who I am and what I need to do.

      What you've shared with us
      • You mentioned years ago that you felt the roses were important to me. And here they are (calling) again...When I lift the lid off the box where I keep my rose essences, that very specific just-arrived-from-GHF-scent is still there, even though I've had these roses (for months)! And it doesn't happen with any other essences - just the roses." S.W., IN
      • "The Ispahan Rose, Milkweed and Purple Flowering Raspberry are for a new soul friend who is walking her path to wholeness. I muscle tested the essences before knowing their gifts and of course they are perfect. She could not believe how changed she felt after a few drops. I was not surprised at all." J.A., VT

      Ispahan Rose, Rosa Ispahan

      A clear sense of personal direction no matter the tumult or distractions around us

      Ispahan Rose helps us go inward to access an inner compass that knows how to proceed in alignment with a more timeless experience of ourselves. It anchors us in an inner place where we can calmly and confidently sort things out and find our authentic way forward.

      This strength is particularly valuable right now. As external structures of support are neither there to lean on or there to defy but instead crumble before our eyes, we are called to anchor to the only thing which is imperishable, our inner divinity. Collapsing guideposts, half baked new ones, and a cacaphony of divergent options recede in importance as we anchor in our true self and find our own way.

      Ispahan's purpose feels rooted to its source.
      This Rose was first found in the ancient Persian city of Ispahan. During the middle ages this city was known as 'half the world' as its presence on the silk road and forward thinking leadership made it a tremendously beautiful and dynamic, multicultural city.

      Ispahan Rose is a strong presence in a garden no matter what other Flowers are clamoring around it. It knows itself and what it expresses. As an Essence it helps us stay on our true course amidst the pull of many diverse forces and distractions. It helps us zero in on what matters to us and let go of what does not. It brings clarity, focus, discernment and determination to our understanding of the spiritual priorities in our life situation and what we need to do to take care of these priorities.

      -Cuts through any confusion we have about our situation to help us know what we need to know to move forward.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each