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      Horseradish, Armoracia rusticana

      I AM the balance of polite and firm, fire and earth.

      Horseradish, Armoracia rusticana

      During these fiery times when people do or say outrageous, ungrounded things, Horseradish helps us unequivocally and politely hold our ground and maintain our boundaries.

      As Earth goes forward, humankind must find a new way to be in community with each other, a new way that abandons the model of superiority and inferiority. This rebuilt cooperative engagement will acknowledge everyone and everything’s equality and indivisibility with Divinity and dismantle all the structures that have impeded this reality for so long. The rising planetary vibration supports this, but that does not mean all people go towards this place of conscious oneness with equal fervor.

      During this contentious interim in which those who wish to hold onto a delusion of superiority refuse to let go, Horseradish offers its gifts.

      “For those of you who find yourselves not treated as an equal, it can be difficult to hold your ground in a manner both firm and civil. I help you. You may say, why civility? It accomplishes more. I am not trying to shame anyone who strays into a firestorm of rage. There are reasons for these firestorms. I want to help you keep your inner fires burning. We need this fire. This inner fire is essential to me too. Just think of my fiery roots.

      I do not want you to abandon self at the expense of other’s illusionary ideas of superiority. I help you hold fast to your core values and self-identity with a serious firmness. The firmness is also reflected in my tenacious roots. I am good at standing firm because my roots are so very good at staying put. Just ask anyone who has ever tried to dig me up. I help you hold your ground, even if you have had a tendency to be steamrolled by others. With my sharp and pungent nature, I help you have the boundaries you need to maintain your ground. I not only stand firm, but I help people back off when they have been inappropriate in their illusions of superiority.

      The fire of my roots is necessary right now, yet I also show you ways to express this fire with a light touch. I help you balance this inner fire with a calm that will move the world. In your firm declarations and actions of unwavering true Divine self, I help you transform life on Earth.”

      -Exactly the right Flower Essence for when you have had enough.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each