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      Heritage Rose, Rosa 'Heritage'

      I AM the Rose that reveals and celebrates the grace of your imperishable heritage as a child of God.

      What you've shared with us
      • "You bowled me over with the timely choice of the Mystical Rose Trio of Agnes Rose, Alchymist Rose, Rosa Mundi. It took my breath away- and brought tears to my eyes- as it does now. (cont...)
      • I just sat staring and grateful- marveling at the way flowers get themselves made into essences, bottled, chosen by someone/ for someone, arrange to have themselves shipped to far off places and dropped into the water glasses and under the tongues of the very persons who, unknowingly, have called out for them. (cont...)
      • Mystical indeed- how very powerful and clever they are. How little we know." K.M., Cape Cod, MA

      Heritage Rose, Rosa 'Heritage'

      Clarity about our roots

      Heritage Rose Essence sweeps away conventional notions of heritage as property, possessions or status as members of a certain family or culture. It reminds us that our only really valuable inheritance is that we are God's children, returning from a long journey back to consciously knowing this divine heritage.

      -Helpful when trappings of earth family circumstances feel claustrophobic as this Essence helps us know that the family we belong to is bigger than our blood relatives.
      -Supportive when we have lost relatives and are feeling bereft or orphaned. It reminds us our eternal divine parents are never lost to us.
      -Helpful for those of us who are afraid of dying because of losing our place in a specific family or genetic lineage. The Essence helps us connect to the bigger picture and thus let go, feeling comforted, safe and part of a wonderful eternal family.
      -Profoundly important for pets as they are called to expand their definition of family beyond their litter of origin or beyond their identity as a member of their own species.

      1/2 oz. bottle, $9.50 each
      2 oz. bottle, $32.00 each